Friday, July 10, 2015

Writing and Publishing Help Disclaimers

I do give advice on writing and self-publishing, and I publish those methods here on my blog, or if I am invited to speak at a panel, a class or seminar, in interviews, or if you meet me at a convention and I have a Q & A going. I am open to being part of panels on comic books, writing and self-publishing, giving media interviews, or answering questions at conventions. :)

I’d rather be honest with my fans than make the think that I am blowing them off by seemingly not wanting to give advice on a one-on-one basis. At the same time, due to so many requests, I would end up having to charge for giving advice, and that’s not why I want to end up doing because I do want to help in some way. But there has to be a balance and a middle ground. Hence, I added some sections on free writing and self-publishing advice on this blog.

Otherwise, in general, please note the following:

I get a lot of individual requests from people who send me messages if I can read/review/edit their manuscript/story/book etc. or publish their books for them. I have made it my general policy to not do so only because it is a full time job and takes away from my own work which is a full-time job in itself.

Although I do encourage readers to read my blog writing advice, I don't have the luxury of giving writing advice one on one or publishing other people’s works full time. It’s not what I do and I need to concentrate on my own works. Otherwise, I’d be working on other people’s projects that are not my own and that is not what I want to do.

My production company also does not accept screenplays for producing, and I don't review screenplays. That's the full-time job of a script reader, which I'm not. I don’t produce other people’s movies, unfortunately.  There are other companies that do and you should seek them out.

If you do email me with questions, I will direct you to my blog for tips and Q & A that I have already posted. If I get enough questions about something I haven't addressed yet, I will make a blog entry on it.

So all I can provide is general tips and advice that you can find on my blog. As far as editing and review of our work, you will need to find or hire an editor. (Some of my own  books have been independently edited/reviewed, and even though I am a DIY author, I do make it a point to hire an editor, or I take the time to do it myself.)

So please respect my time as a creator as well. I will find way to share my advice such as the entries in this blog, and please understand that I have to draw the line somewhere.  It would be difficult to answer 10 plus requests a day. I've found that I give the same answers to questions anyway, so those answers are reflected in my posts, so please see my articles in the Writing Methods and Self-Publishing Methods sections.

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