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About Lia Scott Price:

Lia Scott Price is a comic book writer, artist, and the creator of Vampire Guardian AngelsTM, characters from her vampire comic book series “Vampire Guardian Angels”. She brings a fresh, disturbing twist and an original story to the vampire genre  by turning Guardian Angels into a new breed of vampire (a hybrid of a serial killer, guardian angel, and vampire). Her comic book series features a unique, bloody and gory vampire that's entirely different and new. She also appears in her comic book series as an "author" character who "discovers" the existence of Vampire Guardian Angels and supernaturally, "brings them to life",  and becomes  "Queen of the Vampire Guardian Angels". She also features local metal bands in her comic book series.

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What are Vampire Guardian Angels?

Vampire Guardian Angels are Guardian Angels who have been bitten by Vampires, and have turned a deadly new breed and hybrid of Vampire and Angel. They can only respond to humans who pray specifically to a Guardian Angel, so that makes them Serial Killers.  They have to be "summoned" by "Guardian Angel Believers" who plead and pray for help or protection from Guardian Angels. Vampire Guardian Angels find, feed off, and enslave their human victims by using prayers as a "tracking device". Guardian Angels have become Serial Killers and Vampires. Don't Pray. You Become Prey.

About The Comic Book Series:

Vampire Guardian Angels is a creator-owned, independent and original comic book series created and written by Lia Scott Price. Enter a disturbing world where Guardian Angels have become vicious vampires and serial killers who hunt down humans who pray to them, who crave power and seek to enslave all humans and "earth" vampires. As these evil "Vampire Guardian Angels" begin to form armies and fight over a "creator" who holds the power of regeneration and the healing of angels, only one "good" angel remains to fight them, and both humans and "earth" vampires must also try to work together to stop them.

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The series is a mix of psychological action-thriller and horror-slasher. It's a bloody and gory comic book series done in a full-color cover with a black, white and red interior, featuring Vampire Guardian Angels with a zombie-like appetite, where they not only drink blood but can consume entire bodies.

The Concept:

When you pray to guardian angels for help, do you know what they are?  What if they were tired of protecting you and prefer to put you out of your misery instead of helping you?  Why do humans   always rely on a higher power to save them and  never question who or what it is they are summoning? 

Your Guardian Angel could actually be a serial killer. You may just be summoning something that hates you and who has turned completely disillusioned, rebellious, psychotic, and homicidal.  What if they did things that Guardian Angels aren't supposed to do? Plus, they could be vampires who drain you of your blood.

And to top it off,  what if your guardian angel also became an evil, deadly, brutal, new and different type of Vampire who enslaved you and fed on you?

The Story:

Enter a disturbing world where Guardian Angels have become vicious vampires and serial killers who hunt down and enslave humans who pray to them.

Trapped for centuries by a mystical power that required the power of belief and summoning to release them, they were “freed” when an “author” character played by Lia Scott Price accidentally brought them to life by proving they existed in the Bible and by writing extensively about them.

Issue 1: Prequel. Guardian Angels become Serial Killers:

The story begins with a Guardian Angel, Gabriel, first becoming a serial killer. Sick of listening to desperate prayers, of human whining about their miseries, and of helping and saving humans, he rebels and goes on a killing spree. He hated his role of being forced to serve a race of weak, begging, whining, institutionalized, easily-brainwashed humans who rely too much on the supernatural to save them. Angered by the fact that he is still bound by some rules of Heaven such as having to answer prayers because of the nature of what he is, he does everything he can to "stop" the prayers, eventually being driven mad by the voices he hears. Eventually "killed" by a "good" angel, Gabriel ascends to Heaven.

Issues 2 through 3: Guardian Angels become Vampires:

Gabriel resurrects in Heaven, but an "Earth" Vampire hitched a ride with his ascending body. The Vampire bites the Angel, and the Angel turns all Guardian Angels into an even more powerful and almost invincible breed of Vampire, immune to holy water, sunlight, and crucifixes, because of their "holy" origins. Some are trapped in Heaven, where this new hybrid waits for a "portal" to be opened to invade Earth. But back on Earth, there are other guardian angels who have already been bitten by and turned into vampires, or who are just realizing that they are a new hybrid. In short, Guardian Angels trade in their halos for fangs. They still have to respond to prayers since they are still Angels, but now they use human prayers as a "beacon" to find their food.

Issues 4 through 6 and ongoing: Vampire Guardian Angels become Conquerors:

Ruled by a proclaimed and prophesied King, eventually individual Vampire Guardian Angels start to rebel against each other and to form their own "kingdoms".  Now resentful of their "jobs" as angels who "forced" to  protectors to humans, they now seek revenge and to take over both Heaven and Earth and make all humans and any “believers” in guardian angels, their slaves. These pop-culture sacred icons become lustful, vengeful, seductive, psychopathic, sociopathic, angry, jealous, traumatized, and resentful vampires who pillage and murder both humans and Earth Vampires. Realizing their new power, invincibility, and immortality as vampires and angels,  Vampire Guardian Angels start to enslave both regular “Earth” vampires and humans  ("believers") for food and breeding to continue their species. They begin to form armies, rebel against their King, and fight each other to rule over mankind. They also pursue and fight over the author, now their chosen “Queen of the Vampire Guardian Angels” because as their “creator”, her blood holds the power of “regeneration” and the healing of angels and, when combined with holy relics, can make Vampire Guardian Angels "invincible".

Good Vs Evil?

Each issue introduces each character and their goals, motives and origins as they fight each other for power. Characters have the choice of whether to join or destroy evil. The "good" angels who remain to fight them are torn between saving humans with very little reward and too much work and self-sacrifice, and rebelling against their traditional protector roles to become evil doing whatever they want to do. The angels are flawed and also struggle with their own once-human emotions and "issues".  In the series, the good may be evil and the evil may or may not turn back to good.  There’s always a couple of good guys and hero-types in the series, but in this comic book, they can also change. 

A Brutal, Metal Comic Book Series:

It’s also "metal" comic book. This serial-killing Vampire Guardian Angel hybrid will hunt you down through your whiny prayers, slice you up, brutally tear you apart and feast on your bloody dripping carcass. They “shred” (bodies). The series does occasionally feature local Los Angeles metal, death metal and black metal bands, (Lia’s friends) both active and inactive, just for fun, as background characters.

What inspired the Comic Book Series? 

Lia Scott Price's stories question why we rely so much on that supernatural entity to save us, and why we put so much of that blind faith in a higher power to help us and we don't even know what it is we are summoning. Guardian Angels or any supernatural entity could be a serial killer or a vampire. She uses horror to explore an alternate view of Guardian Angels and was inspired to create something disturbing from something "normal" and innocent",  and to turn it into something terrifying.

Why Guardian Angels?

"It may be disturbing to turn a guardian angel into a serial killer and a vampire, especially something that kills you when you pray. But I'm exploring what a guardian angel could be, since it's a supernatural being That's the whole point of my comic books: to make Guardian Angels into something evil in a vampire series.  My stories are designed to make you think, to question what your Guardian Angel is because you don't even know what it is you're praying to and you never know what's coming for you. It could be my very angry, and very hungry, Vampire Guardian Angels."--Lia Scott Price

Creative Team: (Past and Current, Per Issue)

-Lia Scott Price the writer and creator of the Vampire Guardian Angels comic book series. She is the artist, letterer, colorist (interior), and co-inker for Issue 6, and artist, letterer, and colorist for Issue 7 and future issues.

-Andrew Huerta is the inker and cover artist for Issue 6, and cover artist/colorist for Issue 7. He is a freelance/comic book artist who has worked on many titles with publishers like IDW Publishing, Dynamite Entertainment and BOOM! Studios.

-Chad Hammontree is the colorist, letterer, graphic designer and art director for Lia Scott Price's Vampire Guardian Angels comic book series. (Issues 1-5, and the cover of Issue 6)  He is a graduate from Missouri Western State University and is a freelance artist.

-Andrew Setter was the (former) artist and illustrator for Lia Scott Price's Vampire Guardian Angels comic book series (Issues 1-5).  He is a graduate from Missouri Western State University and is a freelance artist.

Comic Book Issue Titles and their Artists (with Creative Team Credits) :

Q. Do the comic books in the series have titles?
A. Yes, just like "episode" titles.

Lia Scott Price's Vampire Guardian Angels Comic Book Series:

Vampire Guardian Angels: The Guardian (Issue 1) (Price/Setter/Hammontree)
Vampire Guardian Angels: Revenant (Issue 2) (Price/Setter/Hammontree)
Vampire Guardian Angels: Dominion (Issue 3) (Price/Setter/Hammontree)
Vampire Guardian Angels: Resurrection: Afterlife (Issue 4) (Price/Setter/Hammontree)
Vampire Guardian Angels: Rule of Blood (Issue 5) (Price/Setter/Hammontree)
Vampire Guardian Angels: Immortal's Reliquary (Issue 6) (Price/Huerta/Hammontree)
Vampire Guardian Angels: Apocalypse (Issue 7) (Price/Huerta)

Future issues and sequels will be drawn by Lia Scott Price.

Creative Team Trivia

-Vampire Guardian Angels will be drawn by Lia Scott Price starting with Issue 6 and future issues on.

-Issue 6 is Lia Scott Price's first time as a comic book artist, letterer, and colorist for her own comic book. Her drawings appear in Issue 6, Issue 7, and future issues.

-Vampire Guardian Angels is Price's first comic book series as an independent author and publisher.

- This is the first comic book series project for artists Andrew Setter (Issues 1-5) and Chad Hammontree.

- The series was originally created by Lia Scott Price in 2012.

-The comic books are based on Lia Scott Price's Vampire Trilogy novel "The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion"

Photos and Images

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