Friday, March 1, 2013

A New Breed of Vampire

Do you believe in Guardian Angels? Do you pray for help to them?

Are you desperate? Suicidal? Want your problems to end?

Stop praying right now.

Because your very disillusioned Guardian Angel hates you. And they hate their job.

They've gone crazy trying to answer millions of prayers. They can't keep up.

You all expect to be saved, protected, watched over. And they are sick and tired of your prayers.

If you whine to one, they put you out of your misery. Because they've become serial killers.
But it gets even worse.

Your Guardian Angel is also a Vampire.

They kill you with sharp weapons instead of help you, so they don't have to answer your prayers anymore.

They target people in despair and use prayers as a homing device to find you, and feed on you.

They seduce, kill, lust for power, and exploit human weaknesses.

So do you really know who you're praying to?

Don't depend on a supernatural being to save you.

You don't know who you're summoning.

That's right. Your Guardian Angel is a Vampire.

Meet Lia Scott Price's fresh new twist on Guardian Angels: She's turned them into Vampires. Don't pray for help. That's how they find you. Because our whining drives them crazy. Even a Guardian angel has a darker side!

If you're tired of the same old Vampires, meet new Vampires with a disturbing twist: Guardian Angels are the new breed of Vampires.

Your everyday Guardian Angels are not the kind that help people anymore. Instead, they are Vampire Guardian Angels™ who only target and feed on people who pray for help to a Guardian Angel. Created by Horror Author Lia Scott Price, Vampire Guardian Angels use prayers as a "homing device" to target and feed on their victims.  They’re also not traditional Vampires that bite necks. They use sharp weapons, because slicing up a victim means less struggling and easier access to blood. They drink blood, but they also eat inner organs, like zombies do.

Because they are Guardian Angels, they  can’t be killed with the usual vampire-killing methods such as holy water, stakes through the heart, and crucifixes. They are a new and invincible Vampire breed. The only thing that can actually kill them is another Guardian, but there's a catch: That Guardian has to have turned back to good side.

Price challenges the image of Guardian Angels as good protectors. She turns them into disillusioned Angels that resent their protector roles. They go bad, become Vampires, and do very bad things that we think Guardian Angels should never do.

So stay safe. Don't summon them. Don't Pray in Vain.

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