Friday, March 1, 2013

Who I am and About my Work

My name is Lia Scott Price. I'm a horror author, comic book creator/writer, and film producer. I'm the creator of Vampire Guardian Angels™. They are  unique characters from my vampire trilogy novel "The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion". I've turned this trilogy novel into the Vampire Guardian Angels™ comic book series, and I am continuing to write sequels to the trilogy in comic book format.

But that's not all I did with the novel. I take scenes from the novel and turn them into feature films and film shorts, and there's also graphic novel version.

This is how I promote my characters: through low-budget filming and self-publishing. I use visual imagery to bring my characters and stories to life. I do that through Lia Scott Price Productions, my publishing and film production company. I self-publish my books and self-produce my films. I'm a self-taught film producer. I never went to film school. I learned how to film by volunteering at a local cable TV station. I self-promote, write my own PR, act as my own publicist, and self-market my works.

In my works,  I explore an alternate view to what a Guardian Angel is. I've turned them into disillusioned serial killer who is tired of answering our prayers, and who became a hungry vampire. My Guardian Angels rebel and kill instead of help people so they won't have to watch over them anymore, but there's also an additional twist. In the rest of the trilogy, a vampire invades Heaven and turns everyone's Guardian Angel into a vampire. They feed on the despairing who pray for and summon them.

I also explore the possibility that angels in the Bible were killers and even vampires, because of all the references to drinking of blood.

In regards to my films, I don't do typical slasher-style films. My films are more psychological in terms of presenting a more disturbing view of pop-culture icons such as Guardian Angels. I've been heavily influenced by The Twilight Zone, X-Files, Outer Limits, and Twin Peaks. I'm also experimental and unconventional in my filmmaking. My film shorts are sometimes more like a music video with imagery and very little dialogue, or they emphasize more on psychological impact through acting. I try to make them short and to the point, utilizing scenes adapted from my novel. My "calling card" of sorts is that I turn angel wings upside-down. At first it was meant to resemble wings folded back behind the angel, but then I started doing it on purpose because to me it meant turning the image of a Guardian Angel upside-down.

I was inspired by a church sermon about how Guardian Angels are always good saviors. It led me to question and challenge their image as protectors of mankind. I also believe that Guardian Angels can be negative entities that harm people. I believe they can be negative because we don't know who or what it is we are praying to for help. They may have fangs instead of halos!

As a horror novelist and comic book creator, it’s my job to screw things up a bit, even the image of a guardian angel. In fiction and horror, all things are possible.

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