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Inspiration FAQ: Don't Pray to a Guardian Angel Statue

Frequently Asked Question: So what else inspired your writing?

People often ask me about more details about what inspired my writing.

It's what I observe in Churches.

Do you know what you're praying to when you kneel before a statue?

In my original trilogy novel "The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion", which my Vampire Guardian Angels™ comic book series is based on, my characters disguise themselves as guardian angel statues in churches, breathing, watching, and listening for victims, and they can immediately be summoned if a desperate human prays to one.

The way people pray to these statues was also an inspiration for those scenes in my Vampire Trilogy novel, from a rather creepy experience I had observing the way people pray in church.

Now I’m not very comfortable around statues of saints or angels, especially the life-sized ones. One belief that I explore in my works is that churches and religious statues, angel statues in particular, harbor negative entities. I’ve seen people kneel before a statue and pour so much begging and despair and negative energy into this inanimate object. As a result, I believe that even these statues can, in a way, become possessed with negative energy because of all the desperation and despair they absorb from desperate people.

Thus creating very negative, resentful, annoyed, and angry angels.

I’ve heard people direct feelings of resignation, sadness, helplessness, and desperation into these statues, and these become possessed by negative energy, and the energy passes on to the next person who prays before it. Evil and negative entities can hide in statues, even if they are seen as "holy". Think of creepy angel statues in cemeteries, and the ghost stories that surround many of them. “Holy” statues don't repel negativity if they are in a negative environment and are constantly absorbing negative energies from people. And some of these statues are passed on from generation to generation, ensuring the continuation of that negative energy.

Now keep in mind I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind about how their belief in angels. I’m presenting an alternate view, something to think about when you watch my films and something to read about in my books .  There is a dark side to every belief, and why should we not question these beliefs? Because these beliefs may be clues to how negative and demonic entities possess us. They may exist where we don't expect to find them, and what we don't expect them to be.

So, try not to pray in desperation to something you don't really fully know. You could be praying to one of my evil guardian angel characters.

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