Saturday, March 28, 2015

Character Profile: Cameron

Cameron is a guilt-ridden, morally-driven character and the only existing “good” Guardian Angel left. Disguised as a detective on Earth and tasked with finding and bringing Gabriel back to Heaven and determined to turn him back to good, Cameron finds he has his hands full when he realizes he is the only good angel left, and that even his own adopted stepson Joseph is growing torn between good and evil.

Cameron is also struggling with grief and self-torture for his accidental killing of his girlfriend  Christina, Joseph’s mother, and he constantly seeks the forgiveness of Joseph. He is also grieving over the death of his former human detective partner, Kirkland, at the hands of Gabriel. This clouds his judgement and blinds him to the fact that his own son may become evil. Cameron believes that there is still good in the Angels and that they will eventually come around and stop their takeover, and he is unable to realize that this makes him too trusting and vulnerable and willing to give them a chance. Because of this trust, Cameron ends up being betrayed by his own son Joseph, who tries to side with Janos. But Cameron continues his role of good cop and father, protecting Joseph, mankind and anyone who he sees as needing his help. He does kill Vampire Guardian Angels when he needs to, but not without fights that often leave him wounded and damaged. He is still determined to stop Gabriel and still believes he can turn him back to good, but finds that he also needs to find a way to stop not only Janos, but also Prince Jeromos, another Vampire Guardian Angel determined to take over leadership. Cameron, however, is protected by the fact that he can kill any Vampire Guardian Angel as long as he remains “good”. so no matter how many beatings he takes, he manages to recover. Cameron has no desire for power. He still wants to save mankind, his son, and bring the Angels back to good. He later teams up with a human Detective,  Sebastian Costa (who later becomes a Vampire), who he hopes will continue to stay on the “good” side.

Cameron’s personality is that of the good cop, constantly trying to do the “right” thing in a fair and just way, which is why he is so traumatized by his killing of Christina, which was not his fault and was the result of transforming into a Vampire, and he fed on her accidentally. So he is obsessed with trying to “make things right” again. Her death haunts him and makes him ever more driven to do the right thing. But Cameron should not be seen as weak. Don’t underestimate him. He is a badass.

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