Saturday, March 28, 2015

Character Profile: Gregory

Gregory Adamson is one of the first Vampire Guardian Angels on earth, bitten by an Earth Vampire and unable to get back to Heaven. He fathers Janos with Countess Elizabeth Bathory, and though Janos is born a stillborn, Janos later reincarnates and Gregory waits until his son is older to tell him about his heritage and convince him to become the leader of the Vampire Guardian Angels and that he must find a way to bring all the angels down from Heaven to take over Earth.

But he soon finds that Janos is a reluctant leader, difficult to manage, and, because he is so blindly dedicated to his quest on finding a leader, he goes as far as impregnating Janos’s girlfriend Leah in order to try to make another “heir” and leader. However, she commits suicide before the child is born. Gregory wanders the earth in anger, and decides to try to make a leader out of Joseph, Cameron’s stepson. But Gregory is killed by a mysterious plague that targets vampires which, it turns out, was a virus sent by his own son Janos.

Gregory is a calculating, greedy, lustful character who is blinded by the need for power and by his desire to fulfill the prophecy and find a leader for the Vampire Guardian Angels. He has a laser focus on this goal and will do anything and everything to find, or even create, a leader. He lacks complete empathy and sympathy for humans and sees them as slaves to be used or eaten, and is relentless and manipulative in getting his way. This shows in his unending stalking and harassment of his son, and his brutal taking of Leah.

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