Saturday, March 28, 2015

Character Profile: Janos

Janos Bathory is a reclusive, introverted, gloomy, brooding, moody, irritable, temperamental, and sulky character who later turned out to be a reincarnated Vampire Guardian Angel and a prince, son of a notorious vampire countess from the 15th century and of the ancient Vampire Guardian Angel Gregory. He is secretive, sensitive to criticism, a loner, and emotionally distant, even to his girlfriend, Leah. He believes he is mentally ill, because he hears voices, which turns out to be the prayers of the despairing. He panics when he realizes that, while in a trance, he has been responding to these prayers by feeding on humans and that he is a serial killer. He also believes he is delusional because he sees fanged angels, who turn out to be his followers who are waiting for him to “lead” them, which causes him to seek psychiatric help and he becomes further withdrawn as a result.  He needs convincing that he is more than human and destined for something else, so his father Gregory constantly appears to him, revealing who he is and attempting to convince him to become the leader of the Vampire Guardian Angels due to an ancient prophecy that only a Vampire Guardian Angel of royal blood can unite and lead them, and take over Earth and enslave all humans and “Earth Vampires”.

But due to his personality, Janos is seen by many of the Vampire Guardian Angels as a leader who is reluctant, pessimistic, and hesitant to make major decisions. Though he finally accepts his role, he does resent it and does his best to stall on things that require his attention, such as finding a way to invade Earth from Heaven. When his girlfriend Leah commits suicide, Janos becomes even more withdrawn and indecisive, completely traumatized and still grieving over her death, unable to get over it. He tends to keep things inside,  filled with self-pity, regret, and is too self-absorbed to concentrate on his role, stifling his feelings, and exploding into rare rages that last briefly. He dreads feeling any kind of emotion, and even when his father Gregory is killed later in the series, he shows no grief or emotion, other than the grief he has for Leah, as he thinks he cannot handle any more emotion of any kind.

But when he does “snap out of it” to try and lead, he is brutal, homicidal, and feels the need to make up for being seen as weak  by demonstrating savagery on enemies in gory ways. (For instance, by decapitating a victim as a way of sending or emphasizing a message and drinking from the still-bleeding neck). He can also be possessive and jealous and it’s all or nothing for him. He responds by rejecting those who reject him or who do not do what he wants or when things do not go his way., which he struggles to control since he knows he needs allies and he needs the cooperation of his followers, otherwise, he fears, they might rebel.

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