Saturday, March 28, 2015

Character Profile: Ms. Price (“The Author”)

The Author (Ms. Price) is an intellectual, reclusive writer who “discovers” the existence of the Vampire Guardian Angels in biblical texts and is determined to prove their existence. However, in doing so and by acknowledging their existence, she inadvertently “frees” them and they come to life and begin to take over humans and Earth Vampires. So strong is her power to make these Angels real that she is considered the “Creator” and her blood contains healing powers that the Vampire Guardian Angels crave. Jeromos figures this out and kidnaps her, turns her into a vampire to give her immortality, and keeps her prisoner in his fortress/castle in Sweden, using her blood to heal his soldiers.

Ms. Price is socially awkward, preferring instead to live a reclusive life of research and writing, until she meets Detective Costa, who slowly brings her out of her shell and into the world, despite her being cold, suspicious and resentful of him and his skepticism of her work, which she is stubbornly devoted to. However, she is kidnapped and Costa is determined to find her. Despite her being surrounded by dangerous Vampire Guardian Angels, she manages to stay calm, does not panic, and keeps her wits together.

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