Saturday, March 21, 2015

Comic Book Issue 5 Final Drawings Sneak Peek Before Coloring

Vampire Guardian Angels comic book Issue 5’s completed drawings by my incredible artist Andrew Setter have all been scanned and sent to me for my review by my awesome art director Chad Hammontree, (thank you Chad!) and I'm downloading the pages now, and they look incredible! So I will be busy this week reviewing the pages, and there's a lot of awesome detail to go through.

This is why it takes a year to make each issue from start to finish (also because my artists and I work full-time jobs, we live in different states and work long distance, and we work on the comic book when we can.) But I always say that the wait is worth it!

The next step is cleaning up the pages and then coloring by Chad and adding the test. Then comes the text edits and story flow which I will be working on after the coloring stages. There are still some final steps to go before publishing but we are almost there! Thank you Andrew and Chad for all your hard work!

Here are some of the finished drawings (no color yet) that my colorist Chad will be working on.

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