Saturday, March 21, 2015

Music I listen to when Writing and how I got into Metal

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of music I listen to when I write my comic books, it’s death metal or black metal, mostly melodic or instrumental black metal as well. And if you’ve ever wondered what’s with all the metal bands in my comic books, well for starters, I’m a fan of death and thrash metal, and more recently, black metal. And I’m a fan of many local bands in the metal scene here in Los Angeles. So here’s a list that pretty much sums up what got me into metal to begin with:

-My hubby is the guitarist for Los Angeles death metal band Enthraller, and I used to videotape their shows and run their merchandise booth, and I became a fan of their music and of other death metal and metal bands who I saw them play shows with. I’m especially amazed by the technicality of how these bands play and it is amazing to see them perform live. That’s also why I’m a fan of independent local, underground artists. It takes a lot of hard work and talent to play instruments and a live show, promote, put together an event, work on, create, and market a CD etc. (Of course, just like what I do, only with comic books, which is why I respect the metal scene.) Metal influences and inspires me, I feel accepted and energized. I've met many open-minded, wonderful, creative, fun metal heads who have become my "metal family". There's nothing else that has inspired such camaraderie. I could walk into a metal show any where in the world and feel instantly at home.

-Enthraller was the first metal band to do a cameo in my comic book. When I started writing the comic books, I thought it would be fun to put metal bands and friends in scenes that had a band playing on the background or have them featured as vampires in background scenes along with the band logos, kind of like movie extras and product placement. It began as a way to give the band exposure and to promote them, and it’s all for fun. I’m amazed at how my artists draw them in scenes—their likenesses are spot-on! And it’s fun to turn my friends into vampires.

-I was invited as a vendor by local metal promoter Angie Gabriel of Metal Invictus to an event called Maidens of Metal (where I saw some incredible female metal performers) where I could showcase my comic books. I met talented bands and promoters in the local metal scene, including photographer/videographer Adrian Mejia of Metal Warzone. If it wasn't for Enthraller, local metal promoters Angie Gabriel, Jimmy Armenta, and Cesar Escobar of Metal Invictus, Daniel Dismal of Church of the 8th Day, Adrian Mejia's awesome videos and photos of local bands, Anna Hummel of Spirit of Metal, and of course my hubby Mike Naz,  I would never have been introduced to many amazing local bands and so many great people and my "metal family". I began to go to more shows and even sponsored a Metal Warzonefest show. I put more of my friends’ bands and promoters in my comic books as a way to help support and help promote the local metal scene. Some of the bands in my comic books include Mesmeric (US), Sacred Ruins, (and in upcoming issues will be Arachnigod, Highland, and Madrost).

-I got into black metal after seeing performances by local black metal bands Highland and  Arachnigod, and I became a fan of black metal since then. I’m still new to the music but it’s always great listening to the bands and getting into the music. And many thanks to my friend Alix Vallecillo for introducing me to some great black metal music!

-I try to go to local shows but if I am unable to, I share their flyers and events on social media.

-If I ever turn the series into an anime, I plan to have black or death metal music in the background.


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