Friday, March 27, 2015

This is NOT a “Religious Comic Book”

I’ve noticed (and been told that) that some people who see the title of my comic book series are under the impression that this is a comic book about Guardian Angels — the traditional holy, “good” angels who "save" us, and that it is a religious comic book filled with loving angels with white wings who save humans. This is definitely NOT that kind of comic book. And it is definitely NOT the “Vampires as romantic saviors and guardian angels that become a hero and protector” type of comic book. 

People may get misled by the title, but I think the bloody covers say it all.

There is one thing this comic book totally IS: It is bloody. It is brutal. it is about the classic, vicious, violent, scary vampires who are nightmarish, horrific, and evil. It’s a horror comic book series filled with darkness and despair, WTF characters, psychotic, narcissistic and psychopathic vampires, dismemberment, sharp objects, slicing, dicing and screaming. And sorry, not much romance. So if you’re looking for the stereotypical angels with white wings strumming harps and hugging people, dammit you got the wrong comic book. \m/

Oh, and there is NO harp music either—just metal: death metal, black metal, and more metal (band cameos, that is.)

Hope this clears it up!

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