Saturday, March 28, 2015

Character Profile: Jeromos

Prince Jeromos Dracon is Janos’s right-hand man and chosen heir because of his royal blood and supposedly loyalty. But Jeromos is rebellious, power-hungry, and an alcoholic, whose hard drinking was caused by his horrible disfigurement by Cameron and his passion for the Author Ms. Price, who he kidnapped to turn into a vampire and who he believes sees him as a hideous monster. Jeromos is lustful, arrogant, fearless, and wanting leadership and power.

Jeromos wants to become leader and has the potential to become a very dangerous contender. He has some very powerful advantages—he is considered the “healer” as he has managed to find a serum for the virus that is killing off the Vampire Guardian Angels, and the reason he kidnapped the Author is that he has found that, as the “creator” and discoverer of the Vampire Guardian Angels (supposedly in biblical texts),  her blood has healing and restorative powers, so he is hell-bent on keeping her for himself as she can also heal him. This alone would make him leader, but he feels it is his right to be leader since he is of royal blood, as an ancient Estonian Prince. The Vampire Guardian Angels already see him as stronger and more effective than Janos, and they are slowly abandoning Janos to follow Jeromos. And as long as he has the author, the Vampire Guardian Angels will follow him.

But Jeromos is blinded by passion and alcohol, which can make him reckless. Despite this, he is confident and charismatic and has built up a formidable army and is ready to challenge Janos’s rule. And he does not hesitate in being ruthless to his enemies.

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