Sunday, March 22, 2015

Other Influences on my Writing that were not Vampire-themed

My other influences that were not necessarily vampire-themed but were horror-related were Stephen King novels, X-Files, Twin Peaks and The Twilight Zone.When I first wrote my Vampire Trilogy novel (the novel that I turned into the comic book series), I imagined it as an X-Files - type screenplay, with a film-noir, Twilight Zone feel. And that’s how I also wanted my comic book series to look—that black, white and red film noir look, but with the added bloody horror slasher element. I also imagined the comic book as an anime, which is also one of my influences (I’m a fan of the 1970’s anime robot shows).

History is also another influence on my writing, 15th century, medieval history, the inquisition, the more bloody, brutal side of religious history such as the crusades, “saints” being martyred, and the Catholic church’s more controversial, hidden, bloody history that you don’t read about too often.

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