Saturday, August 8, 2015

Comic Book Character: Cameron - Personality Profile

Cameron, in his late 30’s, is the typical self-sacrificing hero. He is smart, dutiful, serious, reliable, conscientious, brave and resilient. He’s a bold risk-taker, logical and prepared for any situation, always trying to find ways to fight the bad guys, and given that he does work incognito as a “human” detective, the job suits him fine. Technically, he’s the only good angel left. Though incredibly powerful, he tries to do too much and tries too hard to save the world. He often refuses assistance because he does not want anyone else to get hurt. He’s often too concerned with keeping everyone safe, especially his stepson Joseph, and he will do anything and everything to do so to the point of severe injury to himself. However, it takes an equally determined person like Costa  for Cameron to finally allow someone to team up with him and help out, because he knows he can’t always to it alone, and it is becoming even more crucial now that the Vampire Guardian Angels are fighting for power among themselves and planning on building their own armies. 

Cameron is the exact opposite of Gabriel in that he cares for humans and still doesn’t mind responding to their prayers for help. But he’s become a grizzled, hardened hero, constantly exhausted from fighting Vampire Guardian Angels, since he feels responsible for mankind and he is so determined to be their savior, that it becomes a burden on his shoulders, to the point where he is constantly injured. But what really drives him even more is some sort of feeling of penance, and a desperate need for redemption in the eye of his son. He is guilt-ridden for Joseph’s mother’s death, and feels that he needs to spend the rest of his life making up for it not only to Joseph, but to all humans, since Christina was human. He has to make all the tough decisions between good and evil, but his guilt sometimes clouds his judgement, and he ends up becoming a prisoner at first of Jeromos, and then of his own stepson Joseph.

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