Saturday, August 8, 2015

Comic Book Character: Janos (King Janos) - Personality Profile

Janos, in his late 20’s, used to be a brooding  but gentle introvert who kept to himself and who was focused on intellectual pursuits and philosophical study, but everything changed once he had “awakened” by his hidden Vampirism and after realizing that he was of royal blood and a Vampire Guardian Angel. After accepting his role at the constant prompting of his father Gregory, Janos alternated between deep depressive spells and unexpected, sudden rage with an inner struggle of who he was and what he had become. As time passed he became less human and more monster. He was thrown into power without any guidance, and began transforming into a narcissistic megalomaniac with sociopathic tendencies. He was also initially traumatized by his own killings of humans to feed off them and haunted by the rape of his former girlfriend at the hands of his father and the death of her and her child, while at the same time he was given an army, unlimited power, and made King of the Vampire Guardian Angels. Unable to emotionally cope, he preferred to “erase” his “human” feelings. He became arrogant, egotistic, selfish, and developed a lack of empathy , believing that in his own self-importance, no Vampire Guardian Angel could survive without him. 

But Janos is also a weak, indecisive ruler, showing over-confidence but failing to execute his tasks because of his secret low self-esteem, his withdrawal from danger in cowardly fashion, and fear of his own decisions, leaving his right-hand man Jeromos to often lead and make those decisions in his place. He prefers to work behind the scenes and be out of the line of fire. He prefers others to do the dirty work and he won’t even pick up  sword to fight. If his plans did not go well, he did not hesitate to blame others for any perceived failures. A ruthless ruler who demanded constant admiration and praise for his “bravery” and his being the “savior” of the Vampire Guardian Angels (he thinks that without him, they would all be lost), he executed anyone instantly and without mercy who stood in his way or dared defy or criticize him, showing no compassion for anything, as to show any such emotion is a sign of weakness to him. This led to even his followers, and Jeromos, secretly detesting him.

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