Saturday, August 8, 2015

Comic Book Character: Detective Sebastian Costa - Personality Profile

Costa, in his late 30’s, is a restless, get-things-done type of guy, also a Type A individual. He is very competitive and self-critical, always out to “score” another capture of the bad guys with a heightened sense of urgency, as if he’s running out of time. He makes it his mission to be a hero but he feels no accomplishment or satisfaction. To him it’s just another day on the job. He is constantly “wound up” and focused 24/7 on work. But if he makes it his goal to protect you, he WILL protect you. But his personality does make him so persistent in helping Cameron track down the Vampire Guardian Angels, and it becomes even more of an asset when Ms Price is kidnapped by Jeromos. He’s intelligent and methodical, however, he does have an easily aroused temper when he gets frustrated  which can make him over-aggressive, and can be very impatient, which leads him to become indecisive under stress and reckless, especially if he’s frustrated with himself at not knowing what to do in certain highly stressful situations (such as not knowing how to use a sword against Vampire Guardian Angels) and almost making bad decisions, although he did become more gentler and a little more patient when he met Ms Price.

(PS: a little easter egg--in each issue you will find Costa always with a cigarette in his mouth. In the original novel, Costa is a non-smoker, but artist Andrew seems to have depicted him with a cigarette in every scene, including fight scenes and even where bullets are flying at Costa, as a special homage to the black and white crime noir genre.)

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