Saturday, August 8, 2015

Comic Book Character: Ms. Price - Personality Profile

Ms. Price, in her late 30’s, is a ”Type A personality with a complex combination of both an introvert and extrovert personality”. She finds small talk and general social interaction incredibly tedious and intolerable at times because she is so reclusive and often anti-social, but she also craves genuine interactions with people who she can relate to, such as history buffs or other writers. She spends a lot of her time doing research and she supports herself through freelance writing, book royalties, paid talks and numerous grants, and a small inheritance from the parents she never knew, often describing herself as an author by day and (literal) “vampire” by night since she tends to stay up nights writing, and has been known to frequent university libraries late at night. She often feels “alone in a crowd” and feels that she has to have a purpose to be somewhere, such as a book signing. If there is no point in being somewhere, she won’t go, so she rarely socializes or dates. On the other hand, she gets bored easily and requires constant mental stimulation. She prefers time alone but gets restless. She’s pretty much a loner, social only when she needs to be. She’s been told she needs to “come out of her shell”. She often alternates between phases of working in solitude, and periods of social activity. 

All that changed when she met Detective Costa and when the Vampire Guardian Angels came to life. At first they didn’t get along, and Costa seems to have been encouraging her to “get out more” and not take life too seriously, but after some sarcastic bantering and after he rescued her from one of the Vampire Guardian Angels (Zeke), they grew close and began dating. Their relationship, however, is a stormy one since she hates relying on others and Costa is over-protective and determined to keep her safe from the Vampire Guardian Angels. Little is know about her past other than Jeromos’s discovery that Ms Price also has a royal lineage and is immortal and has possible supernatural “resurrection” powers, which would explain how the Vampire Guardian Angels were “brought to life”. She does have problems sleeping due to nightmares in which the Vampire Guardian Angels appear, either stalking her or chasing her. 

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