Saturday, August 8, 2015

What the Character Ms Price, Author, means to the Vampire Guardian Angels

Why are they after Ms Price, the author, what makes some of them so desperate to keep her hostage, and why is she so important to them?

She’s their “Healer”. In a nutshell, she is considered their life-giving “Creator”  who brought them to life through her supernatural belief that they existed, and so whoever “owns” her will have access to her blood, which can heal and resurrect them.

She’s a potential Queen. She is also of royal blood and although initially human, she was already an immortal being having lived several lifetimes without realizing it, and she was turned into a Vampire by Jeromos. So she would make an “ideal Queen” for any Vampire Guardian Angel with royal blood.

She’s a stalking target. Vampire Guardian Angels, particularly  a defiant Vampire Guardian Angel named Zeke (Ezekiel), have stalked her in her dreams, but only Zeke has made physical contact.  Relentless in his pursuit, he was desperate to claim her, but he was killed by Cameron. After that, she refused to pray and tried to hide from them as much as she could, aided by Costa. What does make her a little harder to find is that she does not pray to them so they cannot track her often if they don’t hear her summon them, so the Vampire Guardian Angels also rely on a network of Earth Vampires to watch and report on her every move. But they can’t just take her. They have to adhere to the strict hierarchy, where only their leaders can determine what can be “taken” and “owned” and “claimed”. Jeromos has claimed the author as his and since he controls the Vampire Guardian Angel army and he is a royal, they must obey his orders not to touch her.

She’s a Prince’s obsession. Prince Jeromos is somewhat delusional in his obsession with Ms Price and his pursuit of her. He associates “owning” her with absolute power and status, even if it is a relationship without any love or affection. He idealizes her as his “perfect match” despite the fact that she has no love for him, does not reciprocate, and is terrified of him. He is convinced, however, that she will grow to accept him, and forces himself on her despite her rejection of him. He is extremely jealous of Costa and of anyone who even tries to rescue her or even looks at her with desire. Jeromos is dominating and controlling towards her because he does not want to lose her to another Vampire Guardian Angel, so he guards her 24/7 and restricts her every movement and allows her no contact with anyone or the outside world. He does not care if she never loves him, as long as he possesses her and can use her blood to heal his army and himself, and use her as a status symbol, a sort of Vampire “trophy wife”, for his own pleasures and for his own “healing”. He knows that as long as he has her, he has absolute control over the Vampire Guardian Angels since he will be practically invincible because of her healing blood and he can use it s a bargaining tool with his own army and followers (as in if they want to be healed, they have to do as he says.)

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