Saturday, August 8, 2015

Comic Book Character: Joseph - Personality Profile

Joseph, in his late 20’s, is still grieving, unable to move on from the death of his mother Christina, and harbors a deep resentment for his stepfather Cameron, who was inadvertently responsible for her unintentional death, although Cameron tries desperately to get Joseph to forgive him and who protects him as much as he can. Joseph can’t let go of his rage, and as a result is hot-tempered, moody, with depressive swings. In psychological terms, he would have what’s known as complicated grief disorder, (traumatic or prolonged grief),   symptoms of severe mourning where he is still pining for the deceased, has difficulty moving on, and harbors anger about his loss. However, he also does harbor fond feelings for his stepfather, but is too traumatized to acknowledge them and he cannot fully trust Cameron, or others. He came very close to developing feelings for someone, an Earth Vampire named Catharina who saved him from Gabriel, but she was killed by Jeromos. Joseph concludes that everyone he cares about has been killed, so why bother to care about anyone.

He is unable to open up emotionally to anyone else, and remains a loner. He does have the potential to become a compassionate hero like Cameron, or become a megalomaniac like Janos. He is torn between one or the other. He is extremely confused by the role he now has to play, whether to be a good angel or a bad angel, and he still is very angry about Cameron turning him into a vampire and his loss of a “normal human life” with his mother. He decides, however, that the only way for him to get revenge on Cameron is to become powerful and take the Kingship from Janos, and that would allow him to avenge his mother by leading the Vampire Guardian Angels against Cameron, since Joseph feels he is not strong enough to destroy Cameron himself, and he also feels that he has something to prove by becoming more powerful than his stepfather, and that this will be the only thing that he thinks will give his life meaning.

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