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The Perfect Serial Killer and Vampire

Lia Scott Price's Vampire Guardian AngelsTM : The Perfect Serial Killer and Vampire

Are you ready to meet your Guardian Angel? He’s not very nice. And he’s now a brutal, vicious, merciless, terrifying Vampire.

Meet a new breed of vampire: a disturbing hybrid of guardian angel and vampire, making the perfect serial killer….and vampire.

How are they serial killers?
These are angels with serious psychopathic and homicidal issues. They do things no one ever expects a Guardian Angel to do. So because everyone thinks they are good angels, they can stalk humans and not be suspect. Like serial killers, they enjoy making their human victims suffer,  get power from determining who lives or dies,  torture and toy with their victims, and prefer to eliminate humans, specifically those who pray to them for help, who they see as weak and who need to be put out of their misery. They play God on Earth. But they can only target the people who believe in them, who call to them for help. They answer “prayers” by putting people out of their misery, or enslaving them and doing horrific things to humans. And making a meal of them.

Their reasoning:
Vampire Guardian Angels will tell you that Heaven is one big broken home filled with abandoned former humans, a holy halfway house for souls that have become angels, where suffering and martyrdom are required if you want to earn your place in "paradise".  Instead of finding peace, angels find that they are put to work saving humans. And if angels don't conform to their “jobs”, they are cast down by the "Father" and abandoned as punishment. (And yes, they have serious abandonment issues. They were killed or martyred on Earth, and God did nothing to save THEM.) So what you have are paranoid, resentful, traumatized, angry, and rebellious angels who are forced to become therapists and bodyguards to God's "favorites", his humans.

And that, folks, is why the characters in Lia's vampire comic book series hate humans, why they resent their "jobs" of having to protect humans. It's like giving a murderous paranoid schizophrenic a job of being a babysitter. They want to rule over humans instead of serve them.

Vampire Guardian Angels want to play God, and they want everything that was denied to them--sex, riches, power. They use charm and seduction and pretend to care and trick their victims into thinking they are there to save them. but these angels no longer have empathy for humans and no guilt for killing them. They see it as their right to perform "mercy killing" of the desperate, depressed,  weak, and suicidal. They follow their own rules. In their book, the whiners, the ones who beg and ask for help the most, will die.

Vampire Guardian Angels see it this way: if they kill those humans who whine to them, it shuts them up so the angels don't have to answer prayers anymore. So it cuts down on their jobs, because millions of prayers do add up, and when they can't keep up, the only way is to get rid of those who pray for good. It's easier to just kill humans instead of try to constantly solve their problems.

At first, they were worried that God is still watching, so the angels have to be sly, when they were first serial killers and before they were vampires. They had to make it look like an accident, or a suicide, to take suspicion off the angel. This was also because they could not physically touch humans so they had to appear as someone helpful and use hypnosis to make people kill themselves.

They now enjoy being vampires.
And it just gets worse. After these serial-killing guardian angels became Vampires, they could now physically touch and harm humans without the need for hypnosis. And they became all-powerful supernatural monsters. But they are still angels, and it is in their nature to have to answer prayers. But it’s to their advantage, because prayers act as a “homing device” to their victims. And when you pray to one, well, you get eaten. And humans can't kill them. They are invincible to what is supposed to kill traditionally kill vampires,  so forget the stake through the heart thing, and because they are considered "holy", they can't be killed with traditional "holy water and crosses" methods. Or sunlight. They're celestial. They sleep in churches. Sometimes they are disguised as life-sized angel statues. Never, ever be alone in a church at night.

So do you really know who you're praying to? Don't depend on a supernatural being to save you. You don't know who you're summoning.

So what will “save” you from them?
You better “pray” that you find a still-good guardian angel, or one that had turned back to good. Because that’s the only thing that will save you. And oh, you’re safe as long as you don’t pray in despair to a guardian angel, and if you don’t believe in them, then you can’t summon them. And if they’ve taken over Earth, at least you can still hide from them. Just don’t reveal your location by praying.

Copyright Lia Scott Price

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