Saturday, August 8, 2015

Comic Book Character: Prince Jeromos - Personality Profile

Jeromos, in his late 30’s, is very loyal to the Vampire Guardian Angels and is determined to find ways to cure and heal them. It was this loyalty that led Janos to trust him as his right-hand man, with the power to make and execute any decisions for Janos. Even if he is a royal, he does not let it get to his head, and is less arrogant than Janos, and is more empathic, but only with his own kind and not to humans. This leads the Vampire Guardian Angels to be more likely to revolt against Janos and follow Jeromos, who does feel he deserves the throne more than Janos does. Jeromos is a calculating, careful, intelligent and charismatic leader, who exudes confidence. However, he too holds a grudge against Cameron for killing or injuring his army and his “brothers”, making Jeromos responsible for healing the injuries Cameron caused. Jeromos’s own anger leads him to be careless and to be disfigured by Cameron. However, he knows Ms Price’s blood is a cure, and he heals himself when he bites her and turns her into a vampire.

Unlike Janos, Jeromos is merciful towards some of his army’s mistakes  but can also be ruthless if betrayed. Jeromos does secretly look down on Janos because Janos always relies on Jeromos to defend him. Secretly, Jeromos only respects those who can stand up for themselves. He even admires his own enemies if they display courage and skill and even fairness in battle, which explains why he did not kill Cameron when he was disarmed and he had the chance to. He still abides by some ancient codes of loyalty and honor to his own kind, but those can be broken for his own purposes, and he will not hesitate to either imprison or kill Janos in order to take the throne. But mainly he seeks to unseat Janos only for the purpose of continuing to unite and lead the Vampire Guardian Angels because he knows Janos is a poor ruler. His one obsession and weakness though, is Ms Price. He lusts after her and desires for her to become his queen, and is initially angry at Cameron for his disfigurement and her shock at his appearance, but he manages to heal himself and restore his features back to normal. And he holds Ms Price hostage and becomes completely obsessed with the desire to rule and hold on to her and to as much power as he can.

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