Saturday, August 8, 2015

Comic Book Character: Gabriel - Personality Profile

Gabriel is in his late 30’s. All Gabriel ever wanted was to be saved himself. He harbors a deep resentment of both humans and the Catholic religion for sending him out as a child to fight an army and, as he called out to his Guardian Angel to save him, he was killed instead. Disillusioned, angry, and having lost any faith completely, he became a Guardian Angel himself. But instead of saving humans, he became a serial killer, mercilessly killing them. He suffers from post-traumatic stress, and any prayers that he hears drive him into an uncontrollable rage. His goal in life is to shut humans up so that he does not have to listen to any of their prayers anymore. In human terms he would be considered completely psychotic, as he hears voices (human prayers), suffers from delusions (his reasoning: “People won’t shut up and they are using him to solve their problems because he’s still a Guardian Angel so he has to shut them up so they can’t “use” him anymore and he won’t be a slave to answering their prayers.”) 

Gabriel has sociopathic tendencies. He appears to humans as a charming,  charismatic, loving and helpful angel who promises he will end their suffering, but he is secretly unable to relate to emotion or compassion. He delights in their vulnerability and desperation, often toying with them before killing them with no remorse or guilt. He is a relentless serial killer, tracking humans down through their prayers of despair, desperate to find them no matter what it takes and killing them. He wants them to suffer as he had suffered as a child. Although highly intelligent, his blind rage makes him careless. He hates both Cameron and Joseph  above all things and is determined to get rid of them, and their confrontations lead him to sustain grave injuries, and ironically, he is saved by Jeromos, who harnesses Gabriel’s deep hatred and lust for vengeance and uses Gabriel, now bound to him to saving his life, as a weapon and as the most powerful part of his army. Gabriel apparently has no problem with this, as long as he gets to kill and as long as Jeromos promises him revenge against Joseph and Cameron.

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