Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Difference Between Novel and Comic Books

The difference between my original Vampire Trilogy Novel "The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion" and my Comic Book Series that's based on this novel, is that the novel is much more detailed and explicit. (R-Rated, over 18 only).  It's only implied in the comic book art.

In the novel, the more detailed scenes are meant to show the type of personalities my Vampire Guardian Angels have and what kind of characteristics make them so disturbing. They are sadistic, sociopathic, depraved, and possess human frailties and desires, something you would not expect a Guardian Angel to be, or have. Well, you would not expect them to be Vampires either. Hence, the making of a Horror novel and Comic Book Series.

The novel only goes up to 3 stories in the trilogy. The next sequels and continuation to the trilogy novel, Books 4, 5, and 6. will be written in Comic Book format, and will introduce new characters who were not in the original trilogy novel.

Over 18 Only. Contains R-Rated Material.

A New Breed of Disturbing Vampire

This is what my comic book series is all about. This image pretty much says it all.

A new, original, unique and disturbing Vampire. A brutal, violent, psychotic, sociopathic serial killer. No romance. No happily ever after. Just blood, gore, and nightmares. This is the type of Vampire I want to bring back and promote.

Plus, I've turned your everyday Guardian Angel into a Vampire.

This is how they get you: When you pray to one of my characters, they track you down by your prayers of despair (there's a catch--you have to be desperate and asking a Guardian Angel for help), and when they hear you, they come and they feed on you. Because not only are they sick of human whining and dependence on Angels, they have also become hungry Vampires.

A disturbing concept, isn't it? You never thought of your helpful, loving Guardian Angel to turn out to be a vicious serial killer that hunts you down and feeds on you just because you've prayed to one, but makes for quite a refreshingly original Comic Book Series.

So remember: Don't Pray to your Guardian Angel. You never know who, or what, answers.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fan Feedback: Gabriel a "Nasty Villain"

I've been getting feedback on one of the main characters, Gabriel. He's a "bastard", "nasty", but a "great villain" and a "all around creepy dude" who no one wants to meet in a dark alley. Nice! Thank you everyone for your feedback! Gabriel can, and will, only get nastier!

Gabriel: Serial Killer Guardian Angel at first, becomes a Vampire Guardian Angel. He's a rebellious angel  killed by another Guardian Angel, Cameron, but comes back to life when bitten by a Vampire.  His weapon is a sword.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's Unique about the Comic Book Series

I created a new, original, and unique breed of serial-killing vampire. I've brought a fresh new twist, a new concept, and a refreshing dose of originality to the Vampire genre.This is a new breed of deadly Vampire, immune to everything that you thought should supposedly kill a Vampire. This is an innovative new story that pushes the envelope, challenges our beliefs, beloved symbols, and comfort zone, and will forever change the way you see your Guardian Angel.

Read more here.

Brutal Vampires

Throughout the 1800s to the 1990s, Vampires were scary and violent. They were charming, but they were also hideous and bloodthirsty. The classic Vampire. The B-Movie Vampire. Vampires back then were feared (not seen as potential dating material or romantic partners.)

In the 2000's, that's seemed to changed through certain television shows and current novels. The genre changed. To me, Vampires became, well, wimpy.

I prefer, and miss, the classic, evil, bloody Vampire. So in my works, I focus on Vampires as brutal, disturbing, fearsome, vicious, violent, gory, terrifying, and seemingly invincible. Psychotic. Oh, and morally compromised. The type of Vampire you dread encountering (and definitely not someone you would think of bringing home to mom, unless of course, mom tastes good.)

There's nothing my Vampires won't do. They are demented, deadly, serial killers. They will commit horrid acts. There's slicing, dicing, slashing, stabbing, scenes of bondage, death, dismemberment, and destruction. My Vampires are truly meant for the horror, not romance or soap opera, category.

In short, they're badass. And be sure to listen to heavy metal or death metal in the background while reading the comic books. 'Cause it's a great combo of horror, brutal gore, and metal.

I want to be very afraid of Vampires again.

Fan Favorite: Cameron

I'm getting a lot of feedback that so far, the fan character favorite, hands down, is Cameron, and that fans are definitely looking forward to seeing more of him is the next issues. Cameron's character is constantly developing, and he's one of my favorites too!

To learn more about Cameron, get the comic book series, read the novel, or check out the character profiles in the about the characters section!

Cameron (Camael) (Book 1, 3, 4, 5): A Guardian Angel disguised as an L.A. police detective sent to stop Gabriel. He kills Gabriel in Book 1. He falls in love with one of Gabriel's intended victims and protects her son Joseph. He becomes a Vampire Guardian Angel in Book 3, but helps Detective Costa (Book 3) defeat the first wave of Vampire Guardian Angels. His weapon is a pair of Kali sticks. Note: In the comic book series, Cameron carries a sword.

Why Guardian Angels?

I often joke that I'm a "recovering Catholic" and I question a Guardian Angel’s role of simply existing to protect and help humans. I explore and present an alternate view that the Guardian Angels humans pray to are evil, really tired of human whining and prayers and are flawed and vengeful and they that themselves even have human feelings and desires. I wanted to create something disturbing from something so innocent and supposedly protective. We really don't know who or what it is we are praying to. It could be a negative entity disguised as a guardian angel with the intent to harm instead of help us.

In my works, I question people's belief in a supernatural, supposedly higher power, and that people don't know what a Guardian Angel really is. Why do we rely on a supposedly higher supernatural power that we can’t see to save us, and what if it really was evil. Since horror is a genre that pushes the envelope in a lot of aspects, I’d say I’ve been kind of messing with people’s beliefs in terms of what pop culture considers “saviors”, in a fictional sense, and focusing mainly on Guardian Angels. My work questions what they are, and presents an alternate view on what they could be.

Just because I'm messing with the pop-culture image of a guardian angel doesn't mean I'm condemning it or being disrespectful. I'm questioning why we rely so much on a supernatural entity to save us. It's an alternate view to something supernatural. We put so much blind faith in a higher power to help us and we don't even know what it is we are summoning. That's the whole point of my books and films. Angelic rebellion is nothing new, but I've just taken it to another, more disturbing level.

The reaction by fans? It has ranged from fascination to enthusiasm that I feature a vampire that’s new, different, evil and brutal, and that it’s refreshing to see something original. People understand that I'm not out to condemn any beliefs. I'm simply exploring other possibilities out there, using horror to turn the ordinary into something creepy, and they know this is a Vampire theme.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Great Fan Support!

Thank you Juan! It is support from fans like you that make it so worth it to me as a writer and for my hardworking and talented artists! And we truly appreciate it! Many thanks! \m/

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Autographed Pics Received

I'll be posting autographed pics received that fans send me or post publicly. Glad you all received them and thank you all for your requests!

From Patrik Karlsson of, an awesome Horror Web Site from Sweden!