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Vampire Guardian Angels: The Complete Story

Vampire Guardian Angels: Full Story

A Los Angeles author and researcher, Ms Price, writes about ancient vampires. Night after night, however, she begins to get nightmares about “angels with black wings and fangs” who tell her of a prophecy: that a new, deadly breed of vampire will take over the world. The dreams tell her that if she looks in the Bible, she will find those ancient vampires in the form of “angels” hidden by symbolism such as blood-drinking, and that if she does not reveal their existence to the world, they will enslave and kill all humans. Ms Price becomes convinced that there were vampires in the ancient text, and makes it her mission to prove it.

However, her obsession unleashes a supernatural spell requiring the power of belief, which accidentally brings these vampires “to life”. These vampires are 4 Guardian Angels in biblical times, Jude, Anthony, Zeke and Gregory, who were bitten by an “earth vampire”, and they remained trapped on earth since they could not return to Heaven because they had turned evil. Because they were still in the form of holy angels, the Church sheltered them, and the Inquisition found a way to use them to get rid of “sinners” by feeding them to these vampires. These’ Vampire Guardian Angels, as they were called, were waiting for the right time, and for the right person, to reveal them, to fulfill an ancient prophesy that their leader, a vampire king born of royal blood, with a queen of royal blood and their “creator”, would lead them to take over the earth. This prophecy was hidden in biblical text, and was the real meaning behind “body and blood” and references to killer angels sent from the Heavens. Part of the prophecy requires a “creator” to bring the vampires to life from the pages of the ancient text , meaning that they were trapped by myth, and that by summoning them through the power of belief, they can finally come out of hiding. They live off humans, tracking down their prey through their prayers of despair. Vampire Guardian Angels can only feed off humans who pray to, or summon, guardian angels. Their prey must be believers.

The four angels soon escape, and wander the earth for centuries. One of them, Gregory, mates with a Hungarian countess and vampire queen, and produces a stillborn son, Janos. But according to the prophecy, Janos, “The heir and prophet”, will “resurrect” and reincarnate into modern times to become first Vampire Guardian Angel king. Janos later does resurrect in Brooklyn, New York, and Gregory, his father, seeks him out to convince him to find, lead and unite the Vampire Guardian Angels. The prophecy requires a leader of royal blood, since Vampire Guardian Angels will only follow a royal, or one who has married into royalty.

But they still need to penetrate Heaven and turn all the angels into vampires. Gregory later has a vision that another Guardian Angel has done so. His name is Gabriel, and he is an angel who has rebelled against his “job” of being a protector of humans and has turned into a serial killer back on earth, killing all those who pray to Guardian Angels. Another angel, Cameron, disguised as a detective on earth, has been sent from Heaven to stop Gabriel and bring him back to Heaven. Gabriel is later killed by Cameron and Joseph, who possesses a mysterious power of light that can kill evil angels. but once they go back to Heaven, they are resurrected.

Gabriel and Cameron return to Heaven through a portal of light created when angels die, but an earth vampire hitches a ride with them, and bites Gabriel, who turns into a vampire. He bites Cameron and all the other angels in Heaven, fulfilling the mission of the Vampire Guardian Angels who were trapped on earth.

Cameron, the good angel, escaped Heaven but accidentally kills Joseph’s mother Christina when he turns into a Vampire Guardian Angel. He confesses this to Joseph and seeks his forgiveness but instead earns Joseph’s lifelong hatred.  Joseph is now out for revenge against both Cameron and Gabriel. Gabriel soon returns to Earth to seek revenge on Joseph. But Cameron continues to protect his stepson from Gabriel, who is injured and retreats and disappears.

In the meantime, the three angels, Anthony, Jude and Zeke try to kidnap the author in Los Angeles in order to bring her to Heaven for their King, Janos. But Cameron and another Los Angeles detective,  Sebastian Costa, who has been dating Ms Price, stop them and save the author. Back in New York, Gregory is dealing with a reluctant Janos, who at first refuses to become King, so Gregory kidnaps and impregnates Janos’s girlfriend, Leah, to produce a “back-up” heir. Janos finally relents and kills Anthony, Jude and Zeke in order to create a portal to get Heaven, where he begins his reign and plans for the descent of the Vampire Guardian Angels to take over earth. However, before he can take Leah and her son with him, she kills herself and the child along with her. Janos takes the throne in Heaven but sinks into depression, and chooses another royal, Prince Jeromos, as his right-hand and heir to help rule in his place.

Back on earth, there is a mysterious plague that is killing humans, earth vampires, and Vampire Guardian Angels. The plague was secretly sent down by Janos, who thought that killing more angels on earth using the plague would create more portals in which to bring down his army. But it backfired and the plague went out of control.  During this time, Joseph, in his desire for revenge, meets Gregory, and finds out about the plans for the earth takeover. Gregory is killed by a plague-infected earth vampire, and becomes a portal of light, which Joseph uses to get into Heaven. He meets with Janos and earns Janos’s trust, who sends him back down with Jeromos to gather an army from the Church.The Vampire Guardian Angels can only target humans who believe in and pray to guardian angels. So in order to enslave all humans, they must turn every human into “believers” and they turn to the Church to strong-arm atheists and other religions into praying to guardian angels by using a secret army, descendants of the inquisitors, that the Church has formed for years for this purpose to assist the Vampire Guardian Angels. Jeromos is also sent down to find a cure for the plague and to create a “breeding program” consisting of humans and earth vampires in order to create a plague-free food source for the angels. But the victims can only be believers and that is why they need the Church’s assistance to convert them. While assisting Jeromos in creating the breeding areas, Joseph secretly wants to kill Jeromos so he can use his portal to get back into Heaven with the Church army  and kill Janos. But Cameron interferes when he arrives once again to save Joseph, and Jeromos escapes.

Jeromos goes into hiding in a fortified monastery. While working on a cure, Jeromos kidnaps the author because he has discovered that as the “creator”, the author has a secret history—she is the cure. She is the descendant of a Spanish royal family and of the inquisitors who sheltered the angels, which makes her a royal and potential queen. Jeromos plans to use her blood, which has healing and regenerative properties along with ancient holy relics, to heal the Vampire Guardian Angels. It is revealed that Jeromos is healing Gabriel as well, who he plans to use to overthrow Janos, since Gabriel is considered the most sadistic, ruthless, and most powerful Vampire Guardian Angel. Jeromos secretly wants to become King and take over Janos’s rule and the Vampire Guardian Angels and Janos’s followers are already changing their allegiance from Janos to Jeromos. Jeromos also adds to his army a new breed of Vampire Guardian Angel: the Angelorumrabidi: hideous, rabid, animal-like experiments used for his army and as his bodyguards.

Costa and Cameron find the monastery and attempt to rescue Ms Price but are stopped by Gabriel. Costa gets bitten by one of Jeromos’s vampire hybrid experiments, the Angelorumrabidi, and turns into a Vampire Guardian Angel. Joseph, who followed them, manages to trap Cameron and Gabriel with his power of light, and goes after Jeromos. Joseph plans to kill all of them so he can use their portals of light and kill Janos. But Joseph, still inexperienced in the use of his own powers, is defeated by Jeromos and has to retreat. Cameron, Costa, and Gabriel also escape from Jeromos’s monastery. Jeromos turns Ms Price into a vampire and plans to make her his queen, fulfilling all aspects of the prophecy, He knows this will lead to all the Vampire Guardian Angels following him unconditionally since he is a royal and has in his possession the symbol of full power: The creator herself, also a royal, as whoever drinks her blood will instantly heal from any injury.

The Vampire Guardian Angels are getting ready for a full-scale apocalypse. Unfortunately, the once-good Cameron has turned evil due to Joseph’s constant rejection of him and has become tired of saving mankind, and now wants power to make up for all that he has suffered through. This leaves no more good angels on earth. Janos has been imprisoned by Jeromos. Costa and all of the other angels, Jeromos, Gabriel, Cameron and Joseph, have now formed their own separate armies to either fight for power, defend themselves, or in Costa’s case, to defend humans and earth vampires who have formed an alliance, and to rescue the author, who is caught in between the fight for power and is in danger from humans and earth vampires who hold her responsible for creating the Vampire Guardian Angels, and from the other angels who want her as their queen.

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Personality Traits of the Comic Book Character: (King) Janos

Janos, even before he became King, is a sullen, moody, indecisive, brooding, and emotionally complicated individual. This was also due to his lack of sleep and mental torture when he first heard human prayers and when he was unaware that he was a vampire who had not awakened yet. And when he did become a vampire, he was struggling with the guilt of killing humans for food. He was further psychologically traumatized when he discovered that his girlfriend Leah was pregnant with his own father’s child, and that his father Gregory had taken her when Janos had refused to become king, in order to create another heir. Although he finally accepted to raise the child as his heir and to become king, it came at a price: Leah killed herself and her son and Janos slipped into guilt-driven grief and despair, unable to properly concentrate on ruling and instead handing his decision-making off to his right-hand man and new heir, Prince Jeromos, which proved to be a very bad outcome for Janos.

At first, Janos was enthusiastic about his new role and now enjoyed killing humans for food and sport,  knowing he should show no mercy. But soon, Janos's inner despairs returned and he was becoming too emotional to be a leader. He preferred to hide away in a dark library surrounded by his books and memories. He is seen as a very weak leader, but he is still respected and tolerated only because he is royalty (he is the son of a countess and mythical Vampire Queen) and Vampire Guardian Angels are trained to follow royalty unconditionally, even if they are bad rulers. He is respected more than Joseph only because Janos was mentioned in an ancient prophesy about being the first to rule and truly unite all the angels.And Vampire Guardian Angels are committed to fulfilling that prophecy.

But during one of those rare but few moments when he is not depressed, Janos proves to be an absolute brutal and merciless ruler, executing anyone he wants to on the spot, and feeding off of them. Humans are often captured for this purpose and brought up to Heaven to be toyed with and then killed by Janos, who say he finds relief in killing from his own personal pain. He takes his pain out on others, and their suffering makes him "feel better". But he highly respects Jeromos, and does not take his inner emotional torture out on royals or who he sees as equals. He admires bravery, which is why he immediately trusted Joseph when Joseph confronted him in Heaven.

Janos is universally seen as an emotionally compromised ruler by his followers, who are putting their trust more and more into Prince Jeromos. Janos is unable to get over his grieving, which clouds his judgment completely. He is temperamental and his mood swings are unpredictable and often overwhelming, ranging from complete despair to deep rage, with him literally destroying rooms and their contents with his sword when his despair becomes unbearable. His despair can overwhelm those around him. He is prone to dark periods of depression where he talks to no one but Jeromos. Janos finds it extremely difficult to let go of the past and control his over-emotional nature. Prince Jeromos once said of him “He has once been in therapy, but he killed his own therapist.” And Janos has done that, he killed his therapist, Dr. Lieberman, when Janos was still a student. And it was his own emotional instability that lead him to later on be imprisoned by Jeromos.

Janos has also developed an obsession with the author Ms Price, for no other reason than she had the same red hair as his deceased girlfriend. He just wanted to look at her to be reminded of his his girlfriend, but due to Jeromos’s jealousy and possessiveness, Ms Price is kept far away from Janos.

Personality Traits of the Comic Book Character: Detective Costa


Costa is an extremely strong-willed and focused detective. He will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals, whether it’s tracking down the bad guys or saving loved ones from vampires. He does have a magnetic, almost intimidating charm that is hard to ignore, and comes in handy when interrogating people. Once he has put his mind to something, it is almost impossible to get him off the hunt.
Like Jeromos, he is brave and meets challenges head-on, but he can also be reckless. But he is hardly careless, and goes by instinct and intuition. He seems to be able to anticipate and read people’s minds. He feels he has to, as a cop. He is hardened and often jaded and sarcastic and sometimes appears unmoved,  but he does have a soft spot for protecting those who need it. He is trustworthy and faithful, and will follow anyone he respects to the ends of the Earth, even Cameron, who he gets along with. He will stand by allies, even if they turn evil, and will try to get them to change.

However, he is extremely possessive and jealous, especially with the author Ms Price. The possessiveness comes from his wanting to protect her from the Vampire Guardian Angels and his frustration at her stubbornness to remain independent. He is very sensitive too and they often argue, which leads to clashes and the silent treatment from her. Ms Price feels he is too domineering and worried, and that he wants things done his way which clashes with her independent nature. But he is well-meaning and does his best to watch over her, although he knows he has met his match in Ms Price, who is equally strong-willed.

Note: In issue 3 and 5, Costa smokes cigarettes (kind of a film-noir look). But in Issue 6, he's kicked the habit. He's also cut his hair to an army look in Issue 6.

Personality Traits of the Comic Book Character: Joseph

After losing his mother who he was close to (and who spoiled and over-protected him ever since Gabriel went after him as a child), Joseph is  driven by the desire to be loved, and even admired. He wanted to be the center of attention, and often acted out against Cameron, a cop, by trying to become a juvenile delinquent. It was his cry for attention, and it led to depression and hate after he found out that Cameron was responsible for his mother Christina’s death.

Joseph was once a happy, helpful, big-hearted child who was for a brief time, close to Cameron. They almost had a genuine father-son relationship as Cameron was dedicated to protecting Joseph from Gabriel. Even though Cameron disappeared from Joseph’s life for a period of time while bringing Gabriel back to Heaven, Joseph still loved his stepfather and looked forward to him. That all changed after Christina’s death.

Although often wallowing in self-pity and anger at what he felt was Cameron’s betrayal,  Joseph is hardly disheartened by disappointments and setbacks. It only makes him more determined and headstrong.  But he also becomes overconfident, his ego gets the better of him when he reminds himself and others that he once killed Gabriel, although it was also by chance and now, Joseph can hardly even defend himself or wield a sword. He is still too untrained with his own powers.

Unfortunately, Christina’s death also caused some deep emotional and psychological damage to Joseph. He is unable to have a relationship with the opposite sex as he sees too much of his own mother in them. As a teenager, he could never look at a girl his age, or even have a physical relationship, without seeing the likeness of his own mother. So he is often alone and unable to develop feelings for anyone. He almost had an interest in a female vampire, Catharina, but she was killed by Jeromos. Even her saving his life did not cause Joseph to develop any feelings other than hate and desire for revenge. He remains often cold and unemotional.

Joseph also has a huge and fragile ego, and he gets hurt over the most trivial of things. But he wants so desperately to destroy Cameron that it blinds him with rage, and he often loses control of his own situation. His impatience leads to uncertainty and anxiety and he becomes unsure of himself. He is also extremely envious of Jeromos and he desperately wants power and to be better than who he sees as his enemies.But being the youngest of the Vampire Guardian Angels he hardly has any experience in weaponry, self-defense or leadership. He desires above all to have a father figure but can never get close enough to anyone to do so. And to the Vampire Guardian Angels, Joseph is just an annoying young adult, barely intimidating. However, they know Joseph is also widely feared because of his growing power of using light to destroy Angels, and he still is in danger of being destroyed by Gabriel and by the angels. And  he is still not at the point where he is respected.

Personality Traits of the Comic Book Character: Prince Jeromos


An energetic, adventurous and enthusiastic martial artist and expert swordsman, Prince Jeromos is a born leader who prefers to initiate and make things happen rather than sitting on the sidelines, which is why he became Janos’s right-hand man and heir and why he is now in charge of scientific experiments and is sort of the go-to “doctor” for the Vampire Guardian Angels. A natural commander and military leader,  he is extremely action-oriented, but also cool, calm and collected in the face of challenges. He is fearless and confident and often pushes his luck just for an adrenalin rush, as he is addicted to excitement as well, and the thought of war thrills him. No matter how difficult or challenging a situation may be, he will meet it head on, and he will defend what he has to the death. But he is also stubborn, arrogant and confrontational,  impulsive and impatient, and sometimes will not think a decision through thoroughly, or miss little details, but he is disciplined and rarely makes tactical mistakes.

Little is known of his personal past. All that is known about him is that he was once a self-sacrificing and martyred saint. When he resurrected, he had no intention of playing martyr for anyone, and developed a bloodlust and thirst for power. He can be ruthless and merciless, but is surprisingly considered to be a respected, fair and a good leader by his army, many of whom often defect from other angel armies (including King Janos's) to follow him, and they have become surprisingly loyal and dedicated. He has the type of personality where he gains everyone’s loyalty, even Gabriel’s. Towards the author, however, he is possessive, lustful, and controlling, but fortunately, not abusive.

In Issue 5 where he was introduced, Jeromos wore his hair long, but cut it in Issue 6.

Personality Traits of the Comic Book Character: Cameron


Former Detective Cameron was once intent on making the world a better place for all of mankind and once dedicated himself to helping humans, as what he believed the role of a Guardian Angel should be. That was why he chose the disguise of detective on Earth. He is creative when it comes to solving problems. He is an independent, intelligent thinker, often acting on his own and stubborn enough to override his former partner, Detective Kirkland, who was killed by Gabriel. Cameron felt that in order to save humans, he answered to no one, although at times he does agree to be a “team player” within his police force, which is also why he gets along with Detective Costa. He was eccentric, and more of a leader than a follower when doing his job as a supernatural cop. He believed that in order to find the bad guys, he should not have to conform to human rules. He was often a spur-of-the-moment thinker, fire first and ask questions later. He sometimes blindly goes into situations just to save people in danger—by putting himself in danger.

But he had a hard time forming personal feelings as he had to keep his hidden if he wanted to keep playing “hero”. He had a great fear of losing those he loved, especially to Gabriel, who became his lifelong enemy as Cameron was sent to stop, or even destroy, the rogue angel. He was terrified of commitment and is not afraid to disappear from those he loves, in order to protect them.

Cameron can be charming and outgoing, as he was with Joseph’s mother Christina when he first met her. However, he became emotionally withdrawn and hardened after he accidentally killed her while transforming into a Vampire Guardian Angel after he was bitten, and he would forever carry that pain and regret, constantly trying to seek forgiveness from her son Joseph, who he helped raise and became a stepfather to. But once he was continually rejected and almost killed by Joseph, he shed his hero persona and, like Gabriel, turned to hate to shield pain. He now feels it is useless and pointless to continue protecting those he loves when they turn against him, including humans. In a sense, he rebelled, just like Gabriel did. So he now chooses to please himself, just like all the other angels who  had to unconditionally slave away to protect humankind with no rewards. And now, it is all or nothing for him. He feels that he deserves the author because he has suffered so much and has endured so much physical damage, and only she can heal physically him, and that being evil is better than suffering.

Introducing Inker/Artist Andrew Huerta

Andrew Huerta

Andrew Huerta is the drawing instructor and inker for Lia Scott Price's Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 6 (Lia will be drawing the comic book series starting with Issue 6 and future issues onward). He will be assisting with the cover and line art, and he will be inking the pages for Vampire Guardian AngelsTM  Comic Book Issue 6.

Andrew Huerta is a freelance/comic book artist who has worked on many titles with publishers like IDW Publishing, Dynamite Entertainment and BOOM! Studios.

Visit Andrew Huerta tumblr page

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Personality Traits of the Comic Book Character: Gabriel


Gabriel is a tortured soul, a lonely and angry child in an adult body. He can best be described as a vicious, unfeeling psychopath, but in reality he just wants to kill the pain and get rid of the “voices”—or prayers that he hears— that torture him nonstop. So he simply kills not for fun, but with purpose, although his anger and desire for revenge also causes him to “play” or “toy with” his victims cruelly before killing them. He is not to be underestimated. He approaches serial killing like an overachieving workaholic devoid of mercy. He has lost much of the power of speech and has become more of a mindless, wordless killing machine,  saying very little if any in very few words, seemingly incapable of any feelings, or the concept of right and wrong. He grew up with nothing but pain and suffering and violence and death. And that is all he has ever known.

Despite his animal-like mindset, Gabriel is ambitious, determined, smart,  and practical and determined to do one thing and do it well—serial killing.

It’s revenge and the aching pain of loneliness that drives him. When the “voices” come, it literally drives him insane and activates his impulse to kill. He hates his existence and his “job, and he hates being “chained” to his role. He does everything he can to rebel, and sees becoming a Vampire as a way out, so God cannot control him anymore since he has become evil, but it does not silence the prayers. Ironically, he does need the prayers to home in on his "food"--humans.

But he is in a way redeemable in that he has some remnant of feelings, and seems to have a soft spot for the author Ms Price, who he has seen in Jeromos’s monastery.  And he is drawn to her because he secretly wants stability and devotion he never had and never had a chance to experience  companionship. But it’s not love—it’s more about having something  that can “soothe” the anger inside him. He knows he needs her in a more practical manner though—to regenerate and heal, because he knows she has that power. But he takes some time to act on planning to take her, since some part of him is loyal to Jeromos for saving his life. So he does retain somewhat of a conscience.

But he is selfish too—he’s mainly concerned about his own future and security that is why he is a loner and creates his own marble army, which must be made of supernaturally-charged inanimate objects--statues--, and cannot be made up of Vampire Guardian Angels or humans because he does not trust them and he cannot relate to them. He’s something like a socially awkward, aloof serial killer, distant and not easily approachable or easy to reason with. He can play a great actor though, as he seduces only to kill and eat, with little words and a charming personality that humans can see as he hypnotizes them with his gaze. But that is the extent of his interactions. And he does not bother with any type of interaction with humans, vampires or angels. He is singularly focused on one thing: he will do anything to reach his goal of killing Joseph and Cameron, anyone who gets in his way, and getting rid of the praying voices in his head and the people who pray. He is completely obsessed with his goals.

And in the war between the Vampire Guardian Angels, surprisingly, despite being the most powerful of them all, he has absolutely no desire for power, no desire to be king, and just wants to be left alone. He just wants relief from all the pain and prayers, and will find any way to soothe himself and find relief from them, whether it's killing or anything else, which is also why he wants the author, that makes him feel better, even for a few moments.

He is remarkably resilient despite all the injuries he has sustained. He will weather any bad times just like he did as a child in his past life, and any setbacks with patience and perseverance. He takes risks such as coming down from Heaven without the portal because he is willing to risk it all to get his revenge. But there are times when does play it safe though—he plans, observes and evaluates what the cost of his action is, and if he can come out of it in one piece.

What is wrong with these Guardian Angels?

Everything. And not in a good way.

This is a comic book that questions the role of Guardian Angels, and turns them into something no one expects, and into something evil. The concept of Guardian Angels as evil vampires pushes the envelope in a “what if” situation.

The comic books force us to face the unthinkable. We always expect Guardian Angels to save, help and protect us. What we don’t expect is for them to commit acts like murder, violence, and other unexpected things. But in this comic book, they do.

The lesson here is that we do not know what Guardian Angels really are, and if they are even real. Pop culture insists they are, and this is where fiction and imagination comes in—to turn these “myths” into something else entirely. We as humans always rely on a higher power to save us, materialize and solve our problems. We put too much faith and reliance on the Supernatural. The problem is, we don’t know what entities we are summoning or praying to. It could be something dangerous, something that kills instead of helps us.

And my Guardian Angels are all sorts of wrong. They are complete psychopaths, sociopaths, rebels against their supposed assigned roles, and now, they are Vampires. And when you pray to one, they get angry. They get annoyed at our constant begging and whining to them. Now, they would rather put us out of our misery rather than help us, so now they can eat us as well as shut us up for good.

Dare to meet them?

A Message from my Assistant on Comic Book 6

My assistant Pazuzu the Cat is letting all of you know that we are working on Comic Book 6. Lots of work in the next few months in 2016 and the cover images should be done soon!

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Personality Traits of the Comic Book Character: Author Ms Price


Personality Traits of the Comic Book Character: Author Ms Price

The author Ms Price is an intellectual. She is a Type-A personality whose main focus is on work. Though she is not an introvert (She is lively and extroverted), she has somewhat limited herself socially due to her self-imposed seclusion in order to concentrate on her research. She spends her days and night writing, researching and freelancing, and much of her contact is with other researchers or clients, or when she goes to universities and other events to give speeches about her work (she only reluctantly starts going out more and is prodded to "enjoy life and take a break from work" by Detective Costa, who starts dating her). She impresses her audience and is enthusiastic about her work, and is determined to prove the existence of the Vampire Guardian Angels. She is not spiritual, and she is not afraid to challenge and speak her mind, and she always means what she says, even if her comments can be harsh. She does not want to disrespect others' beliefs, but she also does not believe people should rely on a higher power to help them, and that those "higher powers" could be evil. She is an atheist. She’s adamant that humans should cease relying on angels for a solution to their problems that humans created themselves and are responsive for. She believes that  humans summoning unseen beings to help them out of their miseries causes trouble, and that the belief that Angels were created to help humans was a dangerous myth. And when the Angels do come to life and start harming humans, she’s later blamed for their existence. But she also has a strong sense of right and wrong no matter what those higher powers are, and she knows that what the Vampire Guardian Angels are doing is wrong, and they must be stopped, and she does feel a strong sense of guilt for having accidentally brought them to life. And she is not afraid to face them. She is willing to search for them alone in the darkest churches or the creepiest cemeteries, to prove they are real.

However, this is what drives Detective Costa crazy as he tries to protect her and look out for her. He feels that she is taking unnecessary risks. She can be impatient and restless when it comes to trying to solve the problem of the Vampire Guardian Angels. She's also over-confident, sometimes to the degree of being arrogant, This leads to clashes between her and Costa. She is high-spirited, values her own "freedom", and Costa’s constant over-protectiveness and restrictions of any sort - such as having her followed by his cop friends and bringing her back home even in the middle of an event if he feels things get too dangerous,  irritates and frustrates her. For some reason, she believes that the Vampire Guardian Angels will not harm her. And she demands her space from the overbearing Costa. She does feel some degree of regret when she is kidnapped by Prince Jeromos for not being more careful and for not listening to Costa, but she does see her situation as an opportunity to somehow stop the Angels since she is on the midst of them now. Instead of full regret, she felt that the "sacrifice—meaning herself--was necessary to hopefully infiltrate them and find out more about them and their plans. But she is also at risk of sympathizing with her captors, because the angels talk endlessly about their own emotional and psychological abuse and servitude under humans, so there is a risk of the author falling under "Stockholm Syndrome".

What are Vials of Blood and Gold?

The "Healing Potion",  called "Vials of Blood and Gold", were kept in plain glass reliquaries hanging from a leather cord. The formula consisted of the bones and body parts of "supposed incorruptible bodies -- bodies that resisted decay and were worshipped as saints" whose bodies did not decompose, and who were secretly Vampires because they did not age, and were in reality, sleeping. They were, like the original Vampire Guardian Angels, hidden and preserved by the Church and their armies. Some of them were even hidden in plain sight, in glass coffins in plain view of their gullible human worshippers.

In order for the potion to work, it had to be mixed with Vampire blood, and not just any vampire--they had to be ancient "holy ones", since Vampire Guardian Angels were of celestial origins, the still-flowing blood of the incorruptibles, and gold, because of its magical alchemy properties and also because ancient holy relics were kept in gold and became a supernatural preserving agent. What humans did not know was that even the supposed “holy humans” had been bitten by the original Vampire Guardian Angels, and when they "died” or were injured, they were put into a deep sleep, and parts of their bodies were remodeled with wax to make them appear lifelike.

The "blood" was taken from these special "holy relics" and ancient vampires and mixed with liquified or soft flaked gold to form the valuable potion that heals injured Vampire Guardian Angels. This potion was discovered by Prince Jeromos when he was tasked by King Janos to find a cure for the Vampire Guardian Angels affected by the plague, after a gold container filled with vampire blood in which he placed a body part --a finger-- for preservation began to regenerate and move. Later, after Jeromos kidnaps the Author, the vials are mixed with some of Ms. Price's own immortal vampire blood, making the potion even more powerful since she is the "creator" and her blood has full healing and  regenerative properties.

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Vampire Guardian Angels: Apocalypse, Issue 7

Lia Scott Price's 
 Vampire Guardian AngelsTM 
 Apocalypse (Issue 7)

 Copyright Lia Scott Price

“Apocalypse”  focuses on the coming brutal bloody war for power between the Vampire Guardian Angels, humans, and earth vampires, and why they are specifically after the author, Ms. Price, as they fight among themselves and build their armies. Whoever possesses the “Creator and Healer” - who happens to be Ms. Price - the “most powerful of all relics”, and is of royal blood or marries into royal blood, will become full ruler of all, with Ms. Price as his Queen. It's army vs army, with humans and vampires either bred or eaten, and the author caught in between.

Back in Issue 6, Joseph had invaded Prince Jeromos’s monastery. After imprisoning both Cameron and Gabriel, he spares Detective Costa, who has turned into a Vampire Guardian Angel, but goes after Prince Jeromos, only to find that Jeromos has a piece of Cameron’s sword that he obtained when he and Cameron fought and when Cameron’s sword shattered and a piece fell off (The sword was later retrieved by Costa and obtained by Joseph when he imprisoned him in the crystal coffin along with Gabriel). Jeromos also has Cameron’s blood infused into his own sword, which gives him the power to kill Vampire Guardian Angels since Cameron is considered still the “good” angel. Though Joseph had Cameron’s sword and tried to fight Jeromos, he still was not skilled in using the sword and is disarmed by Jeromos. The sword flies out of his hand and off into a corner of the hallway. Backing off, Joseph tries to use his power of light on Jeromos but he shields himself with Cameron’s sword, deflecting the light. Joseph yells at Jeromos that he will bring down Janos’s army from Heaven and will make them follow him and take over Janos’s reign by taking Janos hostage. Jeromos tells Joseph that it’s too late, Janos is already his prisoner. Joseph realizes Jeromos is too strong for him and Joseph is still an inexperienced fighter, so he retreats and disappears, vowing he will be back with a vengeance.

While Joseph is distracted, Costa, still weak from his transformation, continued to try to find Ms. Price. Cameron finds Costa, and tells him they must leave and come back with reinforcements since they both cannot fight Jeromos, Joseph and Gabriel by themselves.  He also tells Costa he knows Joseph has grown more evil and powerful and that he and Gabriel were imprisoned by him, but freed for some reason by a white marble guardian angel statue. Cameron came upon Jeromos and Joseph, found his sword,  and escaped while they were fighting. He also tells Costa that he is now a good Vampire Guardian Angel, and that he has become the first human to become a Vampire Guardian Angel instantly without dying and going to Heaven, where the transformation takes place. To become a Vampire Guardian Angel, a human or an Earth Vampire has to die, ascend to Heaven, be resurrected and bitten by a Vampire Guardian Angel, and then descend to Earth through a portal. Costa has skipped this process because of his physical relations with the author - they have become one in “body and blood” through intercourse, he was bitten by the Angelorumrabidi, and he drank the potion immediately, so with that rare combination, he was instantly “created”. The only other way a human or an Earth Vampire can become a Vampire Guardian Angel is to forcefully “take” the author and have physical relations with her, be bitten by a Vampire Guardian Angel, and drink the potion. Ms. Price could instantly create a Vampire Guardian Angel with her own body. He tells Costa why Jeromos wants Ms. Price, because she can heal him.  And in order for a Vampire Guardian Angel to become (almost) invincible, they will have to  have physical relations with her and mingle their blood with hers through a blood pact. Costa is angry that Cameron implies that Jeromos forced himself on Ms. Price, and insists on finding her and killing Jeromos. But Cameron warns him that Jeromos now can’t be killed because it would kill Ms. Price too. If one kills the creator, Costa and any of the Angels who have made a blood pact with her die as well. But as long as she’s alive, nothing can kill them as they can instantly heal or be healed by her. Even if she dies, only the angels who had created a blood pact with her will die, and the rest, thousands, will still continue on living and killing. But evil Vampire Guardian Angels can still be killed by an angel who has turned back to good, or is a good angel to begin with, of which there is only one left (vs. thousands). However, Jeromos can’t kill Costa either because he and Ms. Price are now one in “body and blood” due to his previous relations with her. Cameron forcibly makes Costa leave with him. Costa asks why Cameron left his son behind, and Cameron replies that he will deal with him later.

After chasing Joseph away, Jeromos is informed by a soldier that Ms. Price has escaped her crystal coffin. Forgetting to pick up Cameron’s sword, Jeromos searches for her. Ms. Price, looking to escape, comes across the feeding and breeding room, where a Vampire Guardian Angel tries to attack her but is killed by Jeromos. Jeromos takes Ms. Price to a dungeon deep below the monastery, and into an enormous crypt. He shows her a Vampire Guardian Angel in a crystal coffin, unconscious.  It’s King Janos, who has finally descended from Heaven through Prince Jeromos, who has sacrificed much of his own army of Vampire Guardian Angels using the virus, to create a portal large enough to bring Janos down along with a replacement army. However, Janos is secretly taken prisoner by Jeromos, who plans to rule through him. Jeromos takes control of the virus and successfully convinces his Church/Vatican vampire army and his and Janos’s  Vampire Guardian Angel followers that Janos was gravely injured during the descent, and pretends to heal him while keeping him in an indefinite coma.  Jeromos’s reputation as a healer and the fact that he is Janos’s right-hand man, often making decisions on behalf of the King (as well as being Janos’s chosen heir), makes the Vampire Guardian Angels believe Jeromos and they do not question his authority. They pledge to him their full allegiance. Janos’s weakness and reliance on Jeromos proved to be his undoing. Now that he has the author, the King, Cameron and Gabriel, Jeromos feels that nothing can stand in his way. He will proclaim himself King. And then,  all he needs is an heir.

Jeromos takes Ms Price to a bed surrounded by his followers, where he has declared a public consummation of their union. He forces himself on her to seal his position as King. As he does, he reveals to her that she has royal blood, and to be married to a royal gives him unquestionable power. His relationship with her is one of pure lust and control - she knows she is a figurehead and a trophy for him, given her status as their “creator”,  her healing powers, and her own royal blood.  Whoever possesses the author and a royal title, or by marrying a royal and making a blood pact with her, will give an angel full control of any Vampire Guardian Angel army. Jeromos also knows that she refuses to bear him an heir as she can control her own body with her powers, but he says he is patient and she will, in time, do what he wants.  After the ceremony, he presents Ms. Price to his followers as “Queen of the Vampire Guardian Angels”. He then sends his army out to destroy whole cities and to capture humans to bring them back to the monastery to breed and to slaughter for food.

Jeromos goes to check on his new prisoners Gabriel and Cameron, and to his shock, finds their glass coffins shattered and empty. He gets a glimpse of an Angelorum Marmore, a marble guardian angel statue, escaping. Suddenly remembering Cameron’s sword, he goes back to the hallway and finds it missing as well.

The Angelorum Marmore flies back to an abandoned white marble Basilica in Poland with stolen vials of the potion.  It hands the vials to a waiting figure - Gabriel. Gabriel scolds the angel for freeing Cameron but forgives it, saying he needs the angel for more important things. It turns out that Gabriel had been building his own secret army of marble guardian angel statues behind Jeromos’s back. He would send them to a hideout he maintained in a secret location. He used angel statues since he did not trust anyone else living - humans or vampire, and his private army is more for protection- he does not have any desire to rule and does not want power, and part of him does feel that he owes some degree of loyalty to Jeromos for saving his life, so he refuses to take part in the coming “Apocalypse” or war between the Vampire Guardian Angels. In his refuge,  Gabriel continues to build his army, mainly to use them as his “bodyguards” and to bring him humans for food and more vials of the potion from Jeromos's laboratory. Gabriel also happens to be the most powerful and dangerous of all the Vampire Guardian Angels and  since he was the one who turned the angels in Heaven into Vampires, he is also a “creator”. His only goal is to continue on as a serial killer, to stop the voices, the prayers of humans, that continue to torment him.  He realizes that the one thing that can relieve him of his pain and torment happens to be Ms. Price.

After bringing Costa back to Los Angeles,  Cameron points him in the direction of his old police station, saying that his colleagues have barricaded themselves and are hiding out throughout the now apocalyptic landscape of the city, where Vampire Guardian Angels are slaughtering both humans and vampires. Cameron tells Costa that he has decided to leave his son Joseph to his own fate before disappearing again. Costa  argues with Cameron, saying that Cameron is abandoning them and reminding him that he has to help him rescue Ms. Price, but Cameron ignores him and leaves, saying he has decided that he is no longer good, and that Costa will now take his place as protector of humans. But this time Cameron  has now radically changed, for the worse. He's become resentful and sees turning evil as an easier way, and that power is better than " painful and unrewarding sacrifice for ungrateful humans and his own stepson". Cameron no longer regrets killing Christina. He now sees her as weak and whiny, annoyed that her attention was always on Joseph. But his sword can still kill Vampire Guardian Angels since it still has his blood when he was “good”. Cameron finds that he too, wants the author, after discovering her healing powers and what it would mean to possess her, having learned who she is and what she can do, and knowing he will need her to heal him. He also sees her as someone “worthier”. Cameron had a plan all along. He took Costa away from Jeromos’s monastery because he knew Jeromos could not kill him and he didn't want Costa to save Ms. Price. If he brought Costa back to Los Angeles, he knew Costa would be too occupied with saving humans to go back for Ms. Price, and Cameron would have a chance to take the Queen for himself. Realizing he must end up betraying Costa, and tired of constantly feeling defeated through all of his experiences up to his imprisonment by his own stepson, he has given in to wanting power and, like Gabriel, has become tired of defending humans. Cameron has also been greatly affected by Joseph's hatred of him, so he gives up on being a stepfather to him. Like Gabriel, he has decided that instead of helping anyone, he has become resentful, angry, violent, dangerous and vengeful, and feels that he owes it to himself to make himself feel good and do things for his benefit alone. So there are no “good” guardian angels left, other than Costa. Cameron goes off to form a rebel army of Vampire Guardian Angels who fear him more than Jeromos and who are willing to follow him in exchange for being spared the wrath of the “Angel Killer”. He promises that he will take over Jeromos’s rule, control the potion and the virus, and take the Queen.

Joseph, having found refuge in an abandoned warehouse and frustrated that he has lost Cameron’s sword, plots his continued ambition of revenge against Cameron, Gabriel, and Jeromos.  He is still furious at Cameron for killing his mother, and for Cameron’s previous absence while he was growing up - Cameron was too busy saving humans. It was Detective Kirkland, Cameron's old police partner,  who basically raised him in Christina’s place. But when Joseph was old enough to make it on his own, Kirkland was committed in a psych ward, and later saved Joseph from an attack by Gabriel, and died in the process. Joseph lost his second father figure. But Joseph too, is creating an army— a ghost army of Vampire Guardian Angel souls or balls of light—trapped angel souls—that failed to ascend and who were trapped in the astral plane between good and evil and were prevented from ascending, and these souls are now bound to him. He also plans to kidnap the author to hold her ransom in exchange for Cameron and Jeromos, as he knows that their own armies will turn on them once he has their symbol of power, the author, captive, and they will do what he tells them to. But he has no desire for any physical relations with her, because he is still traumatized by the death of his mother Christina, and sees her in every female he encounters, and he believes that every female he is with is cursed, such as the death of Catharina when she saved him from Gabriel. He only needs the creator to bring his army to life, and then he will hold her hostage. Whoever in his army kills Cameron will have her as a reward.

Back in Los Angeles, the Earth vampires and humans, after discovering the author’s research and after finally believing her writings, have also discovered the supernatural power behind them and of her family history as part of the Inquisition and her blood relation to the Spanish royal family and to the original secret Church police, of which she was unaware of,  are now after her to either ransom her to stop Jeromos, or destroy her, thinking that if they did, they also destroy the angels since she is their “creator”. But they don’t realize that she is self-healing and immortal and not evil, so not even the angels can kill her. They know she’s still being held by Jeromos as his Queen. And he will do anything to protect her. Costa finds them, and they at first try to attack him, but old friends of Catharina, his old vampire informant, recognize him.  They also realize he is one of the only good angels left and that he can help them, since Costa tells them Cameron had abandoned them all. Costa warns them that if they kill the author or Jeromos, he dies too. Reluctantly, they agree to try to come up with another plan to stop the angels. Costa eventually forms an earth vampire and human unit of his own, made up of former and current police colleagues and military soldiers, to protect the humans and Earth Vampires and attempt to rescue the author and destroy the other Vampire Guardian Angels. Surprisingly, Costa finds another ally: the Angelorum Marmore who freed Cameron had defected from Gabriel’s army, having feared punishment by Gabriel,  and joined Costa as his spy. Costa just wants his girlfriend back safe with him, and he realizes that if any there angels take her physically, they cannot be killed or she will die as well if they die. So even as a “good angel”, he can’t kill Jeromos.  Costa  realizes his army is too small and he is kept busy defending the city from the Vampire Guardian Angels who are slaughtering anyone who prays to them. Costa also has to deal with the Church who, despite the warnings not to pray, keeps sending out preachers to convince humans to pray even more and to convert non-believers. Costa is unaware that the Church is doing this on purpose since they are working for the now King Jeromos. He is kept busy trying to defend the city's inhabitants against the Vampire Guardian Angels.

Gabriel secretly returns to the monastery and breaks in and kidnaps Ms. Price, as his Angelorum Marmore army successfully holds back Jeromos and his guards. Noticing the scar in Ms. Price’s arm as a sign of the blood pact, he realizes he cannot kill Jeromos, only hold him back. So Gabriel’s army retreats. Gabriel takes the author back to his Basilica and forces himself on her and performs the blood pact and consummates the union before his angel army and a kidnapped priest who marries them and is slaughtered after. The blood pact makes him invincible as well. However, during her captivity, the author sees a vulnerable side to Gabriel  when he talks about his past and he softens when she comforts him, and he falls for her. He pledges his life to her, furthering the strength of the blood pact. However, he cannot stop himself from answering the prayers of desperate humans and continues to slaughter them for food and to “quiet the voices,” as he is still tortured by the "prayers" of human and still seeks to "shut them up for good." But he does try to keep this hidden from Ms. Price, who he keeps as oblivious as possible to his activities  in the Basilica, and who he treats gently and tenderly, in contrast to his brutality of the humans and in contrast to Jeromos’s treatment of the Queen. The Queen soon becomes torn and struggles with her view of faith and reliance on a higher power. She wants people to stop praying because of what angels like Gabriel do to them, but she also begin to sympathize with how humans treated angels as their own slaves as well, and she could see why Gabriel wanted revenge. God made angels suffer to serve humans and forced them to become their protectors and therapists, so she could see why they rebelled and were out for revenge.  She starts to question her role: does she do all she can to save humans when she knows they will continue to hopelessly rely on a higher power and may enslave the angels again, does she try to convince the angels to turn back to good, or does she try to save herself?

Cameron launches a surprise attack on the Basilica and a section of it collapses, burying Gabriel, knocking him out. Cameron watches as the author collapses unconscious as well, and realizes that Gabriel too, has made a blood pact with her. Cameron is enraged that he cannot kill his long-time rival without harming the author, so all he can do is take her and leave as the Angelorum Marmore rush to defend Gabriel. Cameron too, forces himself on Ms. Price and completes the blood pact. Cameron realizes through his psychic powers that Ms. Price and his bitter enemy, Gabriel, have fallen for each other, but he dismisses it as Gabriel having mind control over Ms. Price and manipulating her feelings. Cameron is much more terrifying and more brutal than Jeromos as he too, slaughters human and vampire captives, not for food, but for revenge. And his lust for the author is driven by his intense jealousy that she had been with Gabriel. He tells her that Costa is now a Vampire Guardian Angel but has abandoned her to save the humans back in Los Angeles. The Queen does not believe Cameron and is secretly relieved that Costa is alive and can’t be killed by Cameron, but knows that if she sacrifices herself to destroy Jeromos and Cameron, she risks killing Costa, and Gabriel, who she has developed feelings for.

Costa hears that the author is now Cameron's captive and has performed the blood pact. Costa is enraged that Cameron, now his former friend, would betray him by taking the woman he loved. He is even more enraged when he finds out that Gabriel had taken her as well. Costa vows that he  will do whatever it takes to get her back. He is also frustrated in the fact that his girlfriend is now, in effect, “married” to 3 other Angels and is their “Queen”, although the only legitimate claimant to having her as an anointed queen is Jeromos. But Cameron has proclaimed himself King as well, although the only royal who can “legitimize” him is in fact either Prince Jeromos or King Janos, so he will still have trouble trying to get all the angels to fully follow him. Costa now has to compete with Gabriel and Jeromos to get the author back from Cameron. Although Costa has no desire to become King, he realizes that he would have find a way to lead the Vampire Guardian Angels, which would make it easier to stop their takeover. But he also has to make a choice: protect the Queen from the other angels, or sacrifice her and himself and save humans.

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What the “Author” (Ms. Price) Character’s Goal is in the Comic Book Series

Ever since Ms. Price, (the “Author” character who is responsible for supernaturally bringing the Vampire Guardian Angels to life in the comic book series), discovered the existence of vampires in the Bible, she has been obsessively trying to warn humans of their existence and the danger of their attacking humans. She gets warnings in dreams and prophecies given to her by one angel in particular, Zeke, one of the original Vampire Guardian Angels who existed during biblical times. He tells her of a church conspiracy that began during the inquisition to house and breed the Vampire Guardian Angels and using them to get rid of heretics by feeding them to the vampires. The church also hid the existence of the Vampire Guardian Angels by cryptically recording them in the Bible, using symbolic images of body and blood, and called these vampires “Angels”. he only warns her because he wants her for himself and is trying to tell her his “story” and considers her his human “messenger” to spread the news of their existence: because the more believers, the more the angels can be summoned and take over humans. Zeke is later killed by the angel Cameron.

Ms. Price’s goal is to prove that the Vampire Guardian Angels are real, and that they are the cause of suicides, accidents and murders throughout Los Angeles, and the world, and she especially tries to convince Detective Costa, who is in charge of trying to solve all the murders in the city. She knows that the angels use hypnosis, mind control, and sharp weapons after they track down people with their prayers, and she is very vocal about trying to tell people not to pray for help specifically to a guardian angel since that is the way their “victims” summon them. She does this through talk shows, articles, the media, book signings, appearances at events, radio interviews and online blogs and social media, even though she is more of a reclusive person.

She does not believe in guardian angels and does not pray to them so she is safe, but there is a bigger reason they cannot attack her. She is a target, however, for different reasons, first by Zeke, and eventually by Prince Jeromos.  Since she is considered their “creator” who “brought them to life”, a Vampire Guardian Angel who makes her their queen becomes the most powerful ruler of all the angels, and will never succumb to injuries because of the healing powers of her own blood. And she also happens to be immortal to begin with, even though she never knew it, and discovers this only after Jeromos tells her. He also turns her into a vampire.

Even after she’s kidnapped and held by Jeromos, she still continues to try to find a way to stop the Vampire Guardian Angels. She feels responsible for unleashing them unto the world, and now feels it is her responsibility to send them back into the pages of history where they should have remained, as just a myth.

The Dreams and Prophecies sent by the Vampire Guardian Angels to the “Author” Ms. Price

First came the dreams and cryptic passages from the pages of the Bible— a black book with its pages soaked in blood and black feathers pressed within the pages. These feathers were later found at crime scenes throughout Los Angeles and New York, mostly in Churches. Zeke would tell Ms Price of a prophecy of a “chosen leader” who would be coming to take over both Heaven and Earth.

The Messenger and the Message:

The Vampire Guardian Angel Zeke (Comic Book Issue 3)
Ezekiel “Zeke” revealed to the author Ms Price in her dreams that the Church in ancient times, and the Inquisition, used Vampire Guardian Angels to get rid of “sinners” who refused to convert or who were accused on being “heretics”. It was also an expedient way for them to get rid of political opponents or anyone who defied their authority. They just fed these poor humans to the Vampire Guardian Angels.

These 3 immortal Vampire Guardian Angels (there were originally four: Zeke, Anthony, Jude and Gregory, but Gregory escaped and “married” the vampire Countess Bathory, and their son is the current Vampire Guardian Angel Janos) were discovered by the Church and secretly documented in the Bible under the guise of such cryptic words as “body and blood” and the “drinking of blood”, and that Ms. price would find that these references in the Bible concealed the existence of these Angels-turned-Vampires. The Spanish Inquisition and its inquisitors in different countries in particular under the patronage of royals contributed funds towards the housing and upkeep of the Vampire Guardian Angels as they were shuttled from monastery to monastery, wherever they were needed to get rid of heretics. And they were recorded along the way as Angels who punished man.

Using the Vampires also saved the church money. Penalties for sinners included having to hire torturers, executioners, and use a variety of torture devices. Feeding the sinners to the Vampires was much more expedient—there were no people to hire and no devices or equipment to build, and the monks did the cleanup of the victims’ remains for free “as was their duty and without complaint”.

The Church also had to find a way to conceal their “pets”. So they called the Vampires “Angels”, due to their black wings and they were still of a celestial nature, able to walk in sunlight and they were not affected by holy water, and their desire to live in and sleep on holy ground.

The Church and the Vampire Guardian Angels were completely brutal. They used fear to control the populace. The people were made to both fear, and worship, the “Angels”. They saw the non-believers disappear and come back in pieces. And it was also a brutal way for the Church to seize and confiscate the dead victims’ property.

At first the Vampires were dependent on the Church as they got used to their transformation from good angel to evil vampire, and relied on them for food and shelter. But later they were constantly reminded of their own “mission”, which was to turn all the angels into vampires and help their leader take over Earth. And they no longer wanted to be held by the Church, even though they could destroy every one of their captors, they decided to steal weapons and discreetly escape instead, knowing that they may need the Church’s assistance someday.  (And they did eventually need them. The Vampire Guardian Angels were skilled in swordsmanship, and the Church had them train their own secret armies. The descendants of these trained soldiers later became part of the modern-day army commanded by the Vampire Guardian Angel Jeromos. The Spanish Inquisition in particular used secret police to spy on and retaliate against threats to the Spanish crown and to the Church. And from that secret police came the ultra-secret Church Army that promised to support the Vampire Guardian Angels when it came time to take over both Heaven and Earth….in exchange for their lives.

Zeke wanted the author of acknowledge their existence, to “bring them to life” in her words and writings, which would supposedly bring in more “believers” in the angels so that whichever humans believed in them would automatically summon them and become their “food”. It would become a vicious cycle of humans fanatically making their fellow humans believe in angels, and this belief would lead to their deaths at the hands of the vampires. Humans were conditioned to believe that guardian angels were always good and that this supernatural higher power would protect and help them in their time of need, without realizing that these guardian angels had now become vicious vampires who would eat them.

Humans were the perfect targets because, ever since the medieval times when they were controlled by fear, they were gullible believers desperate for saviors. They were brainwashed for centuries to want something to believe in that would save them from their problems—famine, disease, sickness—any problem, making them so dependent on a supernatural power rather than themselves. They wanted to be protected by unseen beings and wait for unseen entities and “guardians” to come to them and save them, look after them, watch over them. So they remained helpless and gullible. This fanatical belief in guardians—guardian angels in particular—gave rise to an industry of angel-themed baubles and statues and talismans. But this was exactly what the Vampire Guardian Angels wanted—the more the humans believed in them, the more they became prey. And since the Angels could only come after the “believers” because they tracked them down through their “prayers” which summoned the Vampires, the more believers and calls to Angels for help, the better.

And when the entities did come, humans became victims. They weren’t saved—they were eaten.

And so, the author became the “creator” of these deadly creatures. And it seemed written in her own family history — Ms Price has Spanish and German blood, and her ancestors were also inquisitors, and members of the Spanish royal family.

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