Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Guardian Angels as Vampires: The Disturbing Comic Book Series of Lia Scott Price

Horror Author Lia Scott Price's dark and gruesome comic book series features vampires with an edgy twist: She turns your everyday Guardian Angel into brutal, vicious, and fearsome serial killers, vampires who can only find their victims through their prayers of despair. Price says of her characters: "They are psychopaths: psychotic, and deadly. It's a disturbing concept--you never know who you're praying to, or summoning. They no longer want to help us. Now they just want to eat us."

The "Vampire Guardian Angels™" comic book series is drawn by Artists Andrew Setter and Colorist/Letterer Chad Hammontree. Price turned her Vampire Trilogy Novel "The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion", featuring her unique characters, into 24-page fully-illustrated comic books.

Each story follows the transformation of the characters from helpful Guardian Angel to evil Vampire. Corresponding to each of the 3 stories from the novel, Issue 1 "The Guardian" features a peek at how Guardian Angels became vicious vampires. Issue 2 "Revenant" provides more insight into the character's transformation and motives, and Issue 3 "Dominion" reveals their true origins.

Artists Andrew Setter and Chad Hammontree are currently working on the next issues, "Resurrection: Afterlife" (Issue 4) and "Rule of Blood" (Issue 5), each one bloodier than the next.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Promotions from Panels from my Comic Book Series Issue 3

Promotions from Panels from my Comic Book Series Issue 3

Promotions from Panels from my Comic Book Series Issue 2

Promotions from Panels from my Comic Book Series Issue 2

Q and A about Vampire Guardian Angels Part 1

Vampire Guardian AngelsTM FAQ

What are they?
They are Guardian Angels that became Vampires.

Why Guardian Angels?
-Because you don't really know what they are. They could really be evil.
-They have issues--they hate their jobs, and us.

Who created them?
Horror Author Lia Scott Price.

Who wrote the comic book series?
Horror Author Lia Scott Price. It's based on her Vampire Trilogy novel "The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion".

Who are the artists?
Andrew Setter (Illustrator), and Chad Hammontree (Colorist/Letterer/Graphic Artist, and Art Director).

What is the series about?
Guardian Angels that have become vampires and who want to enslave humans.

How did Lia come up with her characters?:
She challenges the popular belief that Guardian Angels are good protectors: What if they aren't good? Why not turn them into something evil, like a Serial Killer, and a Vampire?

How are they different?
-Sunlight, holy water, crosses--no effect (They're still holy entities).
-They are almost invincible.
-They are also Serial Killers--they can only target certain victims.
-They prefer to slice you with sharp weapons and drink. Less struggling, less work. No need to bite necks.

How do they target humans?
You have to pray to, or summon them, for help. They only target people when they hear prayers of whining and begging to them. They'll attack you only if you pray in despair to them. (Besides eating you, they want to shut you up.)

How do I avoid one?
Don't pray to one in vain. You can repel them with holy water. It stings them a little. But you better get away fast.

How do I kill one?
-They can only be killed by a "good angel" or one of their own who had become "good" again. 
-However, the blood of holy relics heals them if they can get to the relics in time.

Where can I get the comic books? What's the web site?

Get the comic book series here: Lia Scott Price's Vampire Guardian Angels Comic Book Series

Copyright Lia Scott Price

Friday, September 20, 2013

How to Avoid a Vampire Guardian Angel

1. Don't whine to one.
2. Don't pray for help or in despair to one.
3. Avoid begging for help to an Angel statue ('cause that's how these Vampires hide).
4. Don't ask for an end to your suffering.

Because this is how they find you.
Your despair is their beacon.
They are programmed to answer your prayers.
But they hate your whining.
They want to shut you up.
And you may end up being dinner.

Copyright Lia Scott Price

How Do You Kill A Vampire Guardian Angel?

I decided to give my characters some redeeming qualities, the classic good vs evil. So in my stories, only an angel who stays good, or who has turned back to good, can kill an evil one. But they may not always do that.....it's tricky because of the temptation towards power and freedom from having to protect and watch over humans, and finally having their own free will, and getting to do whatever they want. 

They could go either way---good or evil---and you'd have to convince one to kill the other.

They can be repelled with a little holy water--it stings their faces--it will only give you time to run away though. But you have to run fast before they find you.

They can also be healed with the blood of ancient saints--which is why they seek out holy relics and reliquaries kept by the Catholic Churches. They are also healed by the "Incorruptible bodies" of preserved saints, who are actually ancient Vampires in disguise who were concealed by the Church.

That, I think, is what makes this series so challenging to write. The audience has to figure out which one ends up being the good one. And just when you think the good one prevails, evil may just keep coming back. Or the good one turns evil. Or I may make the evil one relent. Do they ever die? Who knows? That's the fun part about writing this series---I want to keep the audience guessing.

Copyright Lia Scott Price

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How do my Vampire Characters differ from the Classic or Mainstream Images of Vampires?

I wanted to stay true to the classic vicious, brutal vampire image as being something to be feared, but I also wanted to add a twist, something that would make my vampires even more disturbing. Here’s what makes them a little different:

1. I wanted my vampires to be (almost) invincible, something that would be so difficult to kill by any traditional means. My Vampires can’t be killed with holy water or crosses. It may sting them a little, but won't destroy them. And neither will traditional stakes through the heart.

2. I also gave my vampires a more zombie-like appetite. They are not limited to blood. They can live off bodily fluids.

 3. It’s quite common for angels to carry swords, but I also gave them a variety of exotic weapons. The main reason behind this was not just for protecting themselves, but because I wanted them to deviate from the traditional biting of the neck, only because they found biting necks too much work (too much struggling), so using a sharp weapon to just slice off a body part to make it more convenient to feed is their preference.

4. I also made them serial killers. But they couldn't just kill any human. It had to be a very specific victim. They are still guardian angels, so they have to respond to prayers. It's in their nature, what they were created for. It's like their "beacon", and it drives them crazy. But it’s also their call to dinner. My vampires cannot touch or target a human unless they prayed specifically to a guardian angel. And it has to be a very desperate prayer because that's what they listen for. They have to be summoned. But they won't target you if it's say, a joyful or thankful prayer. They live off the despair of others, because they want to shut humans up and put them out of their misery so they don't have to hear the whining and begging anymore, and so they don’t have to answer prayers (because they really hate their jobs).

5. They can breed with human women. In fact, that is one of their goals, to increase their numbers, and take over humans.

6. They can turn into life-sized angel statues and hide in churches and cemeteries.

7. They use angel statues as a “homing device”. If you pray to an angel statue, big or small, they can hear you. But it has to be a prayer of despair. See item #4.

It's a terrifying concept. It may turn people off, but then it makes them think... "who am I really asking for help from?" But that's what a vampire is supposed to be: disturbing, nightmarish, and scary. I would like to think that this would be a definition of a truly evil Vampire, something that comes in the form of something holy but does something so horrific.

Copyright Lia Scott Price

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sneak Peek at Comic Book 4 Images

Sneak peek at some images from Comic Book Issue 4, 
Vampire Guardian AngelsTM": Resurrection: Afterlife

Copyright Lia Scott Price
Art by Andrew Setter 
and Chad Hammontree

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Themes in my Comic Book Series

Themes in my Comic Book Series

Copyright Lia Scott Price

Rogue Angels: Guardian Angels "snap" and commit acts that you would not expect Guardian Angels to do. Filled with rebellion, resentment, and revenge, they also crave power and have human desires.

Serial Killers: Guardian Angels who become serial killers. They can only specifically target and harm those who summon and/or pray to them for help or out of desperation or despair. They especially target those who asked for an end to their pain or troubles.

Haunted Angel Statues: The belief that statues in cemeteries, churches and homes are filled with negative energies that give life to the statues themselves and allow them to target humans. A Vampire Guardian Angel can also become a life-sized angel statue and hide in Churches.

Classic Evil, Vicious Vampires: My work focuses on Vampires as brutal, sociopathic, psychotic, cold calculating, and homicidal killers.

Blind Faith: The stories question human reliance on summoning a supernatural, supposed higher power to save them, and how the church, both in ancient and modern times, used fear and glorified suffering and martyrdom to manipulate human victims into becoming "believers" for the Angels to target.

Angels as Ancient Vampires: Hidden messages in scriptures about the possibility of Angels actually being Vampires in the Bible in ancient times; Reliquaries and remains of "incorruptible" bodies that supposedly never decay; and Guardian Angels being turned into Vampires. (and loving it).