Friday, December 4, 2015

New Artists for the Vampire Guardian Angels Comic Book Series

Now I can make the official announcement. I have some changes to the creative team working on Issue 6 and future issues of my Vampire Guardian Angels comic book series.

I want to do more than write and create stories for my comics. I started drawing lessons in August and am creating a new look for my Vampire Guardian Angels comic book series characters. The comics will still be in black, white, and red art but in more detail. And it will still be bloody!

I will be taking on drawing the line art for the comic book. It's a brand new challenge for me but I have been taking drawing lessons from a kick-ass instructor, Andrew Huerta, who will also be assisting and guiding me with the line art. The look and vibe of the comics will stay the same black, white and red art, with my own touches, but it will basically be the same as much as possible. Chad Hammontree will still be the colorist and letterer for the series. My former illustrator, Andrew Setter, has done an amazing job for the past 5 issues and it's time for us to move on.

And I'm officially introducing my new instructor and new comic book inker, Andrew Huerta. He will be assisting me every week on drawing, and he will do the official inking. I'm pretty much gonna have to draw every night and weekend and it's a little intimidating but I am up for the challenge. But given the level of talent of my instructor, I, and the comic book series, are in excellent hands. And yes, I want to start drawing my own comic book. It's about time that I did. The comics will look as badass as always. So not only am I a comic book creator and writer, I will also be an artist.

Welcome, Andrew Huerta, to my creative team. Please check out Andrew's awesome work. He's also doing a comic book of his own called "Sovereign", so check it out and show him some support!

The Official Creative Team for the Vampire Guardian Angels Comic Book Series 
as of November, 2015:

Lia Scott Price, Creator/Writer/Artist
Chad Hammontree, Letterer/Colorist
Andrew Huerta, Artist/Inker

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