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Vampire Guardian Angels: The Complete Story

Vampire Guardian Angels: Full Story

A Los Angeles author and researcher, Ms Price, writes about ancient vampires. Night after night, however, she begins to get nightmares about “angels with black wings and fangs” who tell her of a prophecy: that a new, deadly breed of vampire will take over the world. The dreams tell her that if she looks in the Bible, she will find those ancient vampires in the form of “angels” hidden by symbolism such as blood-drinking, and that if she does not reveal their existence to the world, they will enslave and kill all humans. Ms Price becomes convinced that there were vampires in the ancient text, and makes it her mission to prove it.

However, her obsession unleashes a supernatural spell requiring the power of belief, which accidentally brings these vampires “to life”. These vampires are 4 Guardian Angels in biblical times, Jude, Anthony, Zeke and Gregory, who were bitten by an “earth vampire”, and they remained trapped on earth since they could not return to Heaven because they had turned evil. Because they were still in the form of holy angels, the Church sheltered them, and the Inquisition found a way to use them to get rid of “sinners” by feeding them to these vampires. These’ Vampire Guardian Angels, as they were called, were waiting for the right time, and for the right person, to reveal them, to fulfill an ancient prophesy that their leader, a vampire king born of royal blood, with a queen of royal blood and their “creator”, would lead them to take over the earth. This prophecy was hidden in biblical text, and was the real meaning behind “body and blood” and references to killer angels sent from the Heavens. Part of the prophecy requires a “creator” to bring the vampires to life from the pages of the ancient text , meaning that they were trapped by myth, and that by summoning them through the power of belief, they can finally come out of hiding. They live off humans, tracking down their prey through their prayers of despair. Vampire Guardian Angels can only feed off humans who pray to, or summon, guardian angels. Their prey must be believers.

The four angels soon escape, and wander the earth for centuries. One of them, Gregory, mates with a Hungarian countess and vampire queen, and produces a stillborn son, Janos. But according to the prophecy, Janos, “The heir and prophet”, will “resurrect” and reincarnate into modern times to become first Vampire Guardian Angel king. Janos later does resurrect in Brooklyn, New York, and Gregory, his father, seeks him out to convince him to find, lead and unite the Vampire Guardian Angels. The prophecy requires a leader of royal blood, since Vampire Guardian Angels will only follow a royal, or one who has married into royalty.

But they still need to penetrate Heaven and turn all the angels into vampires. Gregory later has a vision that another Guardian Angel has done so. His name is Gabriel, and he is an angel who has rebelled against his “job” of being a protector of humans and has turned into a serial killer back on earth, killing all those who pray to Guardian Angels. Another angel, Cameron, disguised as a detective on earth, has been sent from Heaven to stop Gabriel and bring him back to Heaven. Gabriel is later killed by Cameron and Joseph, who possesses a mysterious power of light that can kill evil angels. but once they go back to Heaven, they are resurrected.

Gabriel and Cameron return to Heaven through a portal of light created when angels die, but an earth vampire hitches a ride with them, and bites Gabriel, who turns into a vampire. He bites Cameron and all the other angels in Heaven, fulfilling the mission of the Vampire Guardian Angels who were trapped on earth.

Cameron, the good angel, escaped Heaven but accidentally kills Joseph’s mother Christina when he turns into a Vampire Guardian Angel. He confesses this to Joseph and seeks his forgiveness but instead earns Joseph’s lifelong hatred.  Joseph is now out for revenge against both Cameron and Gabriel. Gabriel soon returns to Earth to seek revenge on Joseph. But Cameron continues to protect his stepson from Gabriel, who is injured and retreats and disappears.

In the meantime, the three angels, Anthony, Jude and Zeke try to kidnap the author in Los Angeles in order to bring her to Heaven for their King, Janos. But Cameron and another Los Angeles detective,  Sebastian Costa, who has been dating Ms Price, stop them and save the author. Back in New York, Gregory is dealing with a reluctant Janos, who at first refuses to become King, so Gregory kidnaps and impregnates Janos’s girlfriend, Leah, to produce a “back-up” heir. Janos finally relents and kills Anthony, Jude and Zeke in order to create a portal to get Heaven, where he begins his reign and plans for the descent of the Vampire Guardian Angels to take over earth. However, before he can take Leah and her son with him, she kills herself and the child along with her. Janos takes the throne in Heaven but sinks into depression, and chooses another royal, Prince Jeromos, as his right-hand and heir to help rule in his place.

Back on earth, there is a mysterious plague that is killing humans, earth vampires, and Vampire Guardian Angels. The plague was secretly sent down by Janos, who thought that killing more angels on earth using the plague would create more portals in which to bring down his army. But it backfired and the plague went out of control.  During this time, Joseph, in his desire for revenge, meets Gregory, and finds out about the plans for the earth takeover. Gregory is killed by a plague-infected earth vampire, and becomes a portal of light, which Joseph uses to get into Heaven. He meets with Janos and earns Janos’s trust, who sends him back down with Jeromos to gather an army from the Church.The Vampire Guardian Angels can only target humans who believe in and pray to guardian angels. So in order to enslave all humans, they must turn every human into “believers” and they turn to the Church to strong-arm atheists and other religions into praying to guardian angels by using a secret army, descendants of the inquisitors, that the Church has formed for years for this purpose to assist the Vampire Guardian Angels. Jeromos is also sent down to find a cure for the plague and to create a “breeding program” consisting of humans and earth vampires in order to create a plague-free food source for the angels. But the victims can only be believers and that is why they need the Church’s assistance to convert them. While assisting Jeromos in creating the breeding areas, Joseph secretly wants to kill Jeromos so he can use his portal to get back into Heaven with the Church army  and kill Janos. But Cameron interferes when he arrives once again to save Joseph, and Jeromos escapes.

Jeromos goes into hiding in a fortified monastery. While working on a cure, Jeromos kidnaps the author because he has discovered that as the “creator”, the author has a secret history—she is the cure. She is the descendant of a Spanish royal family and of the inquisitors who sheltered the angels, which makes her a royal and potential queen. Jeromos plans to use her blood, which has healing and regenerative properties along with ancient holy relics, to heal the Vampire Guardian Angels. It is revealed that Jeromos is healing Gabriel as well, who he plans to use to overthrow Janos, since Gabriel is considered the most sadistic, ruthless, and most powerful Vampire Guardian Angel. Jeromos secretly wants to become King and take over Janos’s rule and the Vampire Guardian Angels and Janos’s followers are already changing their allegiance from Janos to Jeromos. Jeromos also adds to his army a new breed of Vampire Guardian Angel: the Angelorumrabidi: hideous, rabid, animal-like experiments used for his army and as his bodyguards.

Costa and Cameron find the monastery and attempt to rescue Ms Price but are stopped by Gabriel. Costa gets bitten by one of Jeromos’s vampire hybrid experiments, the Angelorumrabidi, and turns into a Vampire Guardian Angel. Joseph, who followed them, manages to trap Cameron and Gabriel with his power of light, and goes after Jeromos. Joseph plans to kill all of them so he can use their portals of light and kill Janos. But Joseph, still inexperienced in the use of his own powers, is defeated by Jeromos and has to retreat. Cameron, Costa, and Gabriel also escape from Jeromos’s monastery. Jeromos turns Ms Price into a vampire and plans to make her his queen, fulfilling all aspects of the prophecy, He knows this will lead to all the Vampire Guardian Angels following him unconditionally since he is a royal and has in his possession the symbol of full power: The creator herself, also a royal, as whoever drinks her blood will instantly heal from any injury.

The Vampire Guardian Angels are getting ready for a full-scale apocalypse. Unfortunately, the once-good Cameron has turned evil due to Joseph’s constant rejection of him and has become tired of saving mankind, and now wants power to make up for all that he has suffered through. This leaves no more good angels on earth. Janos has been imprisoned by Jeromos. Costa and all of the other angels, Jeromos, Gabriel, Cameron and Joseph, have now formed their own separate armies to either fight for power, defend themselves, or in Costa’s case, to defend humans and earth vampires who have formed an alliance, and to rescue the author, who is caught in between the fight for power and is in danger from humans and earth vampires who hold her responsible for creating the Vampire Guardian Angels, and from the other angels who want her as their queen.

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