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About the Vampire Guardian Angels Comic Book Series Characters

About the Characters in the Vampire Guardian Angels Comic Series

Vampire Guardian Angels, created by Lia Scott Price, are characters in her vampire comic book series. In the stories, Guardian Angels have become vicious Vampires. They are also Serial Killers who listen for and track down humans, the "Guardian Angel Believers", who pray specifically to guardian angels for help. And they are sick and tired of answering human prayers, and want to enslave humans for food and breeding. These  Vampire Guardian Angels form armies and fight each other for power and over a woman with healing powers that can make them invincible.  Only another Guardian who has turned "back to good" can destroy them.

Main Character List

Characters created by Lia Scott Price. 

Copyright and Trademark: Lia Scott Price.

Gabriel: Serial Killer Guardian Angel at first, becomes a Vampire Guardian Angel. He's a rebellious angel  killed by another Guardian Angel, Cameron, but comes back to life when bitten by a Vampire while resurrecting in Heaven, and is responsible for turning all the Guardian Angels in Heaven into Vampires. He is leader of a Marble Statue Guardian Angel army, the Angelorum Marmore.

Cameron: A Guardian Angel disguised as an L.A. police detective sent to stop Gabriel. He is stepfather to Joseph. Cameron kills Gabriel in the beginning of the series and follows him to Heaven, but is bitten by Gabriel after he resurrects as a Vampire, and becomes a Vampire Guardian Angel. He is at first, the "good angel" in the series. Also known as "The Angel Killer" or "Killer of Angels". He leads a rebel army of Vampire Guardian Angels.

Joseph: Cameron's stepson who turns out to have a mysterious power of light that causes all other Angels, to burn and ascend back to Heaven. Like Cameron, Joseph is also known as "The Angel Killer". He was turned into a Vampire Guardian Angel when he was bitten by his own stepfather, Cameron. Joseph leads a ghost army made up of the spirits of resurrected Vampire Guardian Angels, the Angelorum Sphaera Lucis.

King Janos: Reincarnated son of a Vampire and a Guardian Angel. Former King and Leader of the Vampire Guardian Angels. Held hostage by the now-King Jeromos, who usurped his throne.

Author Ms (Lia) Price (Lia Scott Price cameo): The "Creator" of the Vampire Guardian Angels whose writings have the power to mysteriously bring them to life because her belief in them brings them out of hiding. Her blood also heals and can bring them back to life. She dedicates her work to hunting down the Vampire Guardian Angels, and later becomes their Queen and hostage.

Detective Sebastian Costa: A Los Angeles Police Detective and the Author's boyfriend who becomes a Vampire Guardian Angel. He leads an army of humans and Earth vampires against the Vampire Guardian Angels. He is considered one of the last “good angels”.

Prince/King Jeromos: Current King and Main Leader of the Vampire Guardian Angels. Formerly Janos's Second-in-Command and his chosen successor and heir. Known as the "Healer of Angels". He heals injured Vampire Guardian Angels with a potion made of the Author's blood.

The Angelorumrabidi: The Angelorumrabidi (their name means "Rabid Angels" are Jeromos's experiments to create a Vampire Guardian Angel-animal hybrid to use as ground forces in his army. They are animal-like, walk on all four legs and have a thick plate of bone encircling their exposed skulls like a "halo". and their raw, bloody skin sparsely covered with black feathers. They cannot fly.

The Angelorum Marmore: Marble Guardian Angel Statue army created by Gabriel using Jeromos's healing potion. He brought broken life-sized angel statues to life from an abandoned Basilica and replicated them. They fight by tearing apart victims with their bare hands and fangs.

The Earth Vampires: “Regular” vampires who are either enslaved as food or breeding by the Vampire Guardian Angels or recruited to fight in their armies. 

The Angelorum Immortui, Also known as "The Angel Undead Cleaners”, are voiceless, animated  "leftover" relics from “holy, incorruptible bodies” and body parts fused together from Jeromos's human and vampire "experiments" who crawl around and "clean up" the bodies of dead and dying victims from the blood-soaked floors of the monastery. Because of the power of Jeromos's potion, they cannot seem to die and constantly regenerate and replicate. This is also why bodies are hung on hooks from the ceiling so they can't all be eaten by the "Cleaners". They have pelvic bones fused to them that look like “wings” and move like wings, but they cannot fly.

The Angelorum Sphaera Lucis: Joseph's "ghost army" of Vampire Guardian Angels. When Vampire Guardian Angels are mortally wounded or killed, they become balls of light. If they do not ascend to Heaven where they can resurrect, they become trapped angel souls. Some die, and those that do not die are instead trapped in the astral plane between good and evil, unable to cross or return to Earth in their original physical bodies. There are only two ways that they can come back to life: If they resurrect in Heaven, or if they drink the blood of the Creator, Ms. Price, to bring them fully back to life.

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