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Vampire Guardian Angels: The Guardian (Issue 1 - The Prequel) Sneak Peek Pages

Lia Scott Price's
Vampire Guardian AngelsTM
The Guardian (Issue 1)

About The Comic Book Series:

Lia Scott Price’s Vampire Guardian Angels is a creator-owned comic book series written and created by Horror Author Lia Scott Price. In the series, Guardian Angels from Heaven have become Vampires who kill people who pray for help to them, and both humans and “good” angels have to work to stop them.

What are Vampire Guardian Angels?

When you pray to guardian angels, do you know what they are? What if they were a vicious new breed and hybrid of serial killer, angel and vampire who target those who pray for help to them? Because they are tired of protecting us and want to put us out of our misery, by eating, and enslaving us. Don’t pray to them.

Plot Synopsis

The first issue in the series "The Guardian" introduces the transformation of Guardian Angels into Vampires. An angry Gabriel, sick of answering prayers and protecting humans, targets and kills them. His killing spree is stopped by another Guardian Angel, Cameron, and a young boy, Joseph, who has a mysterious power that kills Gabriel. Gabriel ascends and resurrects back in Heaven, but a Vampire hitchhikes, bites him, invades Heaven, and turns all Guardian Angels into sadistic, invincible Vampires. The vampiric infection spreads and, realizing their newfound power and freedom, the Vampire Guardian AngelsTM are hell bent on seeking revenge against mankind.

Sneak Preview: Issue 1 (The Prequel)

Copyright Lia Scott Price

The Story:

Prequel: The Beginning. (This is the prequel where Guardian Angels are first introduced as Serial Killers and have not yet become Vampires.)

In the city of Los Angeles, CA, there is a disillusioned Guardian Angel on the loose. He is a serial killer with serious issues (and not yet a Vampire.). He introduces himself as Gabriel, and he hates his job of watching over humans.  He narrates that he's desperate to stop people's prayers, that he's sick of their whining, and that he can't keep up with so many prayers. He admits that he targets only those who are despairing and suicidal and who pray specifically for help to a Guardian Angel. He reveals that he targets them because they are in distress, weak, and are easy victims to kill. However, Gabriel further reveals that he can only kill people by mind control. He can't kill them himself because he is still bound to “protect and serve” humans, and that he's doing this behind Godʼs back. However, he can convince despairing humans to kill themselves and make it look like a suicide or an accident, and to put the blame on the victim. Gabriel is desperate to get humans to "shut the hell up" and stop their goddamned nagging prayers.

Gabriel chooses his first victim. Inside a Los Angeles church, police surrounded a priest with a handgun. The comic series introduces  Detective Jay Kirkland who is trying to negotiate with the suicidal priest. However, Gabriel, only visible to the priest, appears in the background and, using his mind control, convinces the priest by psychic mind control to shoot himself. Kirkland fails to save the priest and blames himself for the failed negotiation.

After the incident, Kirkland sits in the church pews, filled with guilt. Heʼs approached by a man who turns out to be his new partner, Detective Cameron, who reveals photos showing the man in black. Meanwhile, Gabriel continues to target victims. In an East Los Angeles neighborhood, he watches a couple, Lupe and Sal, arguing. He targets the depressed  Sal and psychically convinces the young man to brandish a gun, to try to prompt the police to shoot him, and commit “suicide by cop”. Kirkland rushes to the scene and again tries to negotiate with Sal. But Gabriel appears and Sal is convinced to shoot, and the cops fire back. Cameron leaps in front of Sal to try to save his life, but is too late. Kirkland, convinced that Cameron is dead, is shocked when Cameron is unhurt. Cameron then reveals that he and Gabriel are Guardian Angels, that Gabriel has gone bad, and that Cameron is there to stop him. And while Kirkland blames himself yet again for what he sees as another failed attempt to save someoneʼs life, Gabriel returns to the coupleʼs house and causes Lupe to commit suicide by stabbing herself.

Across from the coupleʼs house, a widow, Christina Urbain, is comforting her depressed son, Joseph, who had a bad dream in which someone died. Christina advises Joseph to pray to his Guardian Angel. Christina, still grieving for her deceased husband, heads to the church, to pray. Both inadvertently summon Gabriel, but he targets Christina first. Gabriel angrily confronts Christina and tells her how heʼs sick of her “whining”, insulting her and her deceased husband. He suddenly reveals he has a sword, but he is struck with a chair by a priest, who saves Christina. Gabriel disappears. Cameron arrives at the scene to question Christina about the attack, and escorts her home.

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Copyright Lia Scott Price 

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