Saturday, November 21, 2015

What is wrong with these Guardian Angels?

Everything. And not in a good way.

This is a comic book that questions the role of Guardian Angels, and turns them into something no one expects, and into something evil. The concept of Guardian Angels as evil vampires pushes the envelope in a “what if” situation.

The comic books force us to face the unthinkable. We always expect Guardian Angels to save, help and protect us. What we don’t expect is for them to commit acts like murder, violence, and other unexpected things. But in this comic book, they do.

The lesson here is that we do not know what Guardian Angels really are, and if they are even real. Pop culture insists they are, and this is where fiction and imagination comes in—to turn these “myths” into something else entirely. We as humans always rely on a higher power to save us, materialize and solve our problems. We put too much faith and reliance on the Supernatural. The problem is, we don’t know what entities we are summoning or praying to. It could be something dangerous, something that kills instead of helps us.

And my Guardian Angels are all sorts of wrong. They are complete psychopaths, sociopaths, rebels against their supposed assigned roles, and now, they are Vampires. And when you pray to one, they get angry. They get annoyed at our constant begging and whining to them. Now, they would rather put us out of our misery rather than help us, so now they can eat us as well as shut us up for good.

Dare to meet them?

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