Saturday, November 7, 2015

What the “Author” (Ms. Price) Character’s Goal is in the Comic Book Series

Ever since Ms. Price, (the “Author” character who is responsible for supernaturally bringing the Vampire Guardian Angels to life in the comic book series), discovered the existence of vampires in the Bible, she has been obsessively trying to warn humans of their existence and the danger of their attacking humans. She gets warnings in dreams and prophecies given to her by one angel in particular, Zeke, one of the original Vampire Guardian Angels who existed during biblical times. He tells her of a church conspiracy that began during the inquisition to house and breed the Vampire Guardian Angels and using them to get rid of heretics by feeding them to the vampires. The church also hid the existence of the Vampire Guardian Angels by cryptically recording them in the Bible, using symbolic images of body and blood, and called these vampires “Angels”. he only warns her because he wants her for himself and is trying to tell her his “story” and considers her his human “messenger” to spread the news of their existence: because the more believers, the more the angels can be summoned and take over humans. Zeke is later killed by the angel Cameron.

Ms. Price’s goal is to prove that the Vampire Guardian Angels are real, and that they are the cause of suicides, accidents and murders throughout Los Angeles, and the world, and she especially tries to convince Detective Costa, who is in charge of trying to solve all the murders in the city. She knows that the angels use hypnosis, mind control, and sharp weapons after they track down people with their prayers, and she is very vocal about trying to tell people not to pray for help specifically to a guardian angel since that is the way their “victims” summon them. She does this through talk shows, articles, the media, book signings, appearances at events, radio interviews and online blogs and social media, even though she is more of a reclusive person.

She does not believe in guardian angels and does not pray to them so she is safe, but there is a bigger reason they cannot attack her. She is a target, however, for different reasons, first by Zeke, and eventually by Prince Jeromos.  Since she is considered their “creator” who “brought them to life”, a Vampire Guardian Angel who makes her their queen becomes the most powerful ruler of all the angels, and will never succumb to injuries because of the healing powers of her own blood. And she also happens to be immortal to begin with, even though she never knew it, and discovers this only after Jeromos tells her. He also turns her into a vampire.

Even after she’s kidnapped and held by Jeromos, she still continues to try to find a way to stop the Vampire Guardian Angels. She feels responsible for unleashing them unto the world, and now feels it is her responsibility to send them back into the pages of history where they should have remained, as just a myth.

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