Thursday, November 26, 2015

Personality Traits of the Comic Book Character: Prince Jeromos


An energetic, adventurous and enthusiastic martial artist and expert swordsman, Prince Jeromos is a born leader who prefers to initiate and make things happen rather than sitting on the sidelines, which is why he became Janos’s right-hand man and heir and why he is now in charge of scientific experiments and is sort of the go-to “doctor” for the Vampire Guardian Angels. A natural commander and military leader,  he is extremely action-oriented, but also cool, calm and collected in the face of challenges. He is fearless and confident and often pushes his luck just for an adrenalin rush, as he is addicted to excitement as well, and the thought of war thrills him. No matter how difficult or challenging a situation may be, he will meet it head on, and he will defend what he has to the death. But he is also stubborn, arrogant and confrontational,  impulsive and impatient, and sometimes will not think a decision through thoroughly, or miss little details, but he is disciplined and rarely makes tactical mistakes.

Little is known of his personal past. All that is known about him is that he was once a self-sacrificing and martyred saint. When he resurrected, he had no intention of playing martyr for anyone, and developed a bloodlust and thirst for power. He can be ruthless and merciless, but is surprisingly considered to be a respected, fair and a good leader by his army, many of whom often defect from other angel armies (including King Janos's) to follow him, and they have become surprisingly loyal and dedicated. He has the type of personality where he gains everyone’s loyalty, even Gabriel’s. Towards the author, however, he is possessive, lustful, and controlling, but fortunately, not abusive.

In Issue 5 where he was introduced, Jeromos wore his hair long, but cut it in Issue 6.

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