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The Dreams and Prophecies sent by the Vampire Guardian Angels to the “Author” Ms. Price

First came the dreams and cryptic passages from the pages of the Bible— a black book with its pages soaked in blood and black feathers pressed within the pages. These feathers were later found at crime scenes throughout Los Angeles and New York, mostly in Churches. Zeke would tell Ms Price of a prophecy of a “chosen leader” who would be coming to take over both Heaven and Earth.

The Messenger and the Message:

The Vampire Guardian Angel Zeke (Comic Book Issue 3)
Ezekiel “Zeke” revealed to the author Ms Price in her dreams that the Church in ancient times, and the Inquisition, used Vampire Guardian Angels to get rid of “sinners” who refused to convert or who were accused on being “heretics”. It was also an expedient way for them to get rid of political opponents or anyone who defied their authority. They just fed these poor humans to the Vampire Guardian Angels.

These 3 immortal Vampire Guardian Angels (there were originally four: Zeke, Anthony, Jude and Gregory, but Gregory escaped and “married” the vampire Countess Bathory, and their son is the current Vampire Guardian Angel Janos) were discovered by the Church and secretly documented in the Bible under the guise of such cryptic words as “body and blood” and the “drinking of blood”, and that Ms. price would find that these references in the Bible concealed the existence of these Angels-turned-Vampires. The Spanish Inquisition and its inquisitors in different countries in particular under the patronage of royals contributed funds towards the housing and upkeep of the Vampire Guardian Angels as they were shuttled from monastery to monastery, wherever they were needed to get rid of heretics. And they were recorded along the way as Angels who punished man.

Using the Vampires also saved the church money. Penalties for sinners included having to hire torturers, executioners, and use a variety of torture devices. Feeding the sinners to the Vampires was much more expedient—there were no people to hire and no devices or equipment to build, and the monks did the cleanup of the victims’ remains for free “as was their duty and without complaint”.

The Church also had to find a way to conceal their “pets”. So they called the Vampires “Angels”, due to their black wings and they were still of a celestial nature, able to walk in sunlight and they were not affected by holy water, and their desire to live in and sleep on holy ground.

The Church and the Vampire Guardian Angels were completely brutal. They used fear to control the populace. The people were made to both fear, and worship, the “Angels”. They saw the non-believers disappear and come back in pieces. And it was also a brutal way for the Church to seize and confiscate the dead victims’ property.

At first the Vampires were dependent on the Church as they got used to their transformation from good angel to evil vampire, and relied on them for food and shelter. But later they were constantly reminded of their own “mission”, which was to turn all the angels into vampires and help their leader take over Earth. And they no longer wanted to be held by the Church, even though they could destroy every one of their captors, they decided to steal weapons and discreetly escape instead, knowing that they may need the Church’s assistance someday.  (And they did eventually need them. The Vampire Guardian Angels were skilled in swordsmanship, and the Church had them train their own secret armies. The descendants of these trained soldiers later became part of the modern-day army commanded by the Vampire Guardian Angel Jeromos. The Spanish Inquisition in particular used secret police to spy on and retaliate against threats to the Spanish crown and to the Church. And from that secret police came the ultra-secret Church Army that promised to support the Vampire Guardian Angels when it came time to take over both Heaven and Earth….in exchange for their lives.

Zeke wanted the author of acknowledge their existence, to “bring them to life” in her words and writings, which would supposedly bring in more “believers” in the angels so that whichever humans believed in them would automatically summon them and become their “food”. It would become a vicious cycle of humans fanatically making their fellow humans believe in angels, and this belief would lead to their deaths at the hands of the vampires. Humans were conditioned to believe that guardian angels were always good and that this supernatural higher power would protect and help them in their time of need, without realizing that these guardian angels had now become vicious vampires who would eat them.

Humans were the perfect targets because, ever since the medieval times when they were controlled by fear, they were gullible believers desperate for saviors. They were brainwashed for centuries to want something to believe in that would save them from their problems—famine, disease, sickness—any problem, making them so dependent on a supernatural power rather than themselves. They wanted to be protected by unseen beings and wait for unseen entities and “guardians” to come to them and save them, look after them, watch over them. So they remained helpless and gullible. This fanatical belief in guardians—guardian angels in particular—gave rise to an industry of angel-themed baubles and statues and talismans. But this was exactly what the Vampire Guardian Angels wanted—the more the humans believed in them, the more they became prey. And since the Angels could only come after the “believers” because they tracked them down through their “prayers” which summoned the Vampires, the more believers and calls to Angels for help, the better.

And when the entities did come, humans became victims. They weren’t saved—they were eaten.

And so, the author became the “creator” of these deadly creatures. And it seemed written in her own family history — Ms Price has Spanish and German blood, and her ancestors were also inquisitors, and members of the Spanish royal family.

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