Thursday, November 26, 2015

Personality Traits of the Comic Book Character: Cameron


Former Detective Cameron was once intent on making the world a better place for all of mankind and once dedicated himself to helping humans, as what he believed the role of a Guardian Angel should be. That was why he chose the disguise of detective on Earth. He is creative when it comes to solving problems. He is an independent, intelligent thinker, often acting on his own and stubborn enough to override his former partner, Detective Kirkland, who was killed by Gabriel. Cameron felt that in order to save humans, he answered to no one, although at times he does agree to be a “team player” within his police force, which is also why he gets along with Detective Costa. He was eccentric, and more of a leader than a follower when doing his job as a supernatural cop. He believed that in order to find the bad guys, he should not have to conform to human rules. He was often a spur-of-the-moment thinker, fire first and ask questions later. He sometimes blindly goes into situations just to save people in danger—by putting himself in danger.

But he had a hard time forming personal feelings as he had to keep his hidden if he wanted to keep playing “hero”. He had a great fear of losing those he loved, especially to Gabriel, who became his lifelong enemy as Cameron was sent to stop, or even destroy, the rogue angel. He was terrified of commitment and is not afraid to disappear from those he loves, in order to protect them.

Cameron can be charming and outgoing, as he was with Joseph’s mother Christina when he first met her. However, he became emotionally withdrawn and hardened after he accidentally killed her while transforming into a Vampire Guardian Angel after he was bitten, and he would forever carry that pain and regret, constantly trying to seek forgiveness from her son Joseph, who he helped raise and became a stepfather to. But once he was continually rejected and almost killed by Joseph, he shed his hero persona and, like Gabriel, turned to hate to shield pain. He now feels it is useless and pointless to continue protecting those he loves when they turn against him, including humans. In a sense, he rebelled, just like Gabriel did. So he now chooses to please himself, just like all the other angels who  had to unconditionally slave away to protect humankind with no rewards. And now, it is all or nothing for him. He feels that he deserves the author because he has suffered so much and has endured so much physical damage, and only she can heal physically him, and that being evil is better than suffering.

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