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Personality Traits of the Comic Book Character: Author Ms Price


Personality Traits of the Comic Book Character: Author Ms Price

The author Ms Price is an intellectual. She is a Type-A personality whose main focus is on work. Though she is not an introvert (She is lively and extroverted), she has somewhat limited herself socially due to her self-imposed seclusion in order to concentrate on her research. She spends her days and night writing, researching and freelancing, and much of her contact is with other researchers or clients, or when she goes to universities and other events to give speeches about her work (she only reluctantly starts going out more and is prodded to "enjoy life and take a break from work" by Detective Costa, who starts dating her). She impresses her audience and is enthusiastic about her work, and is determined to prove the existence of the Vampire Guardian Angels. She is not spiritual, and she is not afraid to challenge and speak her mind, and she always means what she says, even if her comments can be harsh. She does not want to disrespect others' beliefs, but she also does not believe people should rely on a higher power to help them, and that those "higher powers" could be evil. She is an atheist. She’s adamant that humans should cease relying on angels for a solution to their problems that humans created themselves and are responsive for. She believes that  humans summoning unseen beings to help them out of their miseries causes trouble, and that the belief that Angels were created to help humans was a dangerous myth. And when the Angels do come to life and start harming humans, she’s later blamed for their existence. But she also has a strong sense of right and wrong no matter what those higher powers are, and she knows that what the Vampire Guardian Angels are doing is wrong, and they must be stopped, and she does feel a strong sense of guilt for having accidentally brought them to life. And she is not afraid to face them. She is willing to search for them alone in the darkest churches or the creepiest cemeteries, to prove they are real.

However, this is what drives Detective Costa crazy as he tries to protect her and look out for her. He feels that she is taking unnecessary risks. She can be impatient and restless when it comes to trying to solve the problem of the Vampire Guardian Angels. She's also over-confident, sometimes to the degree of being arrogant, This leads to clashes between her and Costa. She is high-spirited, values her own "freedom", and Costa’s constant over-protectiveness and restrictions of any sort - such as having her followed by his cop friends and bringing her back home even in the middle of an event if he feels things get too dangerous,  irritates and frustrates her. For some reason, she believes that the Vampire Guardian Angels will not harm her. And she demands her space from the overbearing Costa. She does feel some degree of regret when she is kidnapped by Prince Jeromos for not being more careful and for not listening to Costa, but she does see her situation as an opportunity to somehow stop the Angels since she is on the midst of them now. Instead of full regret, she felt that the "sacrifice—meaning herself--was necessary to hopefully infiltrate them and find out more about them and their plans. But she is also at risk of sympathizing with her captors, because the angels talk endlessly about their own emotional and psychological abuse and servitude under humans, so there is a risk of the author falling under "Stockholm Syndrome".

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