Thursday, November 26, 2015

Personality Traits of the Comic Book Character: (King) Janos

Janos, even before he became King, is a sullen, moody, indecisive, brooding, and emotionally complicated individual. This was also due to his lack of sleep and mental torture when he first heard human prayers and when he was unaware that he was a vampire who had not awakened yet. And when he did become a vampire, he was struggling with the guilt of killing humans for food. He was further psychologically traumatized when he discovered that his girlfriend Leah was pregnant with his own father’s child, and that his father Gregory had taken her when Janos had refused to become king, in order to create another heir. Although he finally accepted to raise the child as his heir and to become king, it came at a price: Leah killed herself and her son and Janos slipped into guilt-driven grief and despair, unable to properly concentrate on ruling and instead handing his decision-making off to his right-hand man and new heir, Prince Jeromos, which proved to be a very bad outcome for Janos.

At first, Janos was enthusiastic about his new role and now enjoyed killing humans for food and sport,  knowing he should show no mercy. But soon, Janos's inner despairs returned and he was becoming too emotional to be a leader. He preferred to hide away in a dark library surrounded by his books and memories. He is seen as a very weak leader, but he is still respected and tolerated only because he is royalty (he is the son of a countess and mythical Vampire Queen) and Vampire Guardian Angels are trained to follow royalty unconditionally, even if they are bad rulers. He is respected more than Joseph only because Janos was mentioned in an ancient prophesy about being the first to rule and truly unite all the angels.And Vampire Guardian Angels are committed to fulfilling that prophecy.

But during one of those rare but few moments when he is not depressed, Janos proves to be an absolute brutal and merciless ruler, executing anyone he wants to on the spot, and feeding off of them. Humans are often captured for this purpose and brought up to Heaven to be toyed with and then killed by Janos, who say he finds relief in killing from his own personal pain. He takes his pain out on others, and their suffering makes him "feel better". But he highly respects Jeromos, and does not take his inner emotional torture out on royals or who he sees as equals. He admires bravery, which is why he immediately trusted Joseph when Joseph confronted him in Heaven.

Janos is universally seen as an emotionally compromised ruler by his followers, who are putting their trust more and more into Prince Jeromos. Janos is unable to get over his grieving, which clouds his judgment completely. He is temperamental and his mood swings are unpredictable and often overwhelming, ranging from complete despair to deep rage, with him literally destroying rooms and their contents with his sword when his despair becomes unbearable. His despair can overwhelm those around him. He is prone to dark periods of depression where he talks to no one but Jeromos. Janos finds it extremely difficult to let go of the past and control his over-emotional nature. Prince Jeromos once said of him “He has once been in therapy, but he killed his own therapist.” And Janos has done that, he killed his therapist, Dr. Lieberman, when Janos was still a student. And it was his own emotional instability that lead him to later on be imprisoned by Jeromos.

Janos has also developed an obsession with the author Ms Price, for no other reason than she had the same red hair as his deceased girlfriend. He just wanted to look at her to be reminded of his his girlfriend, but due to Jeromos’s jealousy and possessiveness, Ms Price is kept far away from Janos.

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